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There are two, not three, episodes of The Voice this week. And just one next week.

There are two, not three, episodes of The Voice this week.

And next week, rather surprisingly, there will be just one.

Battle #3  will air on Monday May 7th at 7:30pm for 2 hours.

On Tuesday May 8th Nine has a one hour Block followed by two Big Bang episodes (the second is a premiere), a double Two Broke Girls and a new Two and a Half Men.

With the huge numbers for The Voice, Nine could have probably run them as 2 x 60 mins across two nights and won two nights in a row. But whaddo I know…..?

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  1. You do know that WIN and NBN viewers have two news bulletins? One at 6 then the other at 6:30 followed by ACA afterwards. For example, The Block is not 7 O’Block, it is at 7:30. That is the reason everything is pushed back, but it is made up in the middle of the night so Today is still on at 5:30 and same goes for Seven (Regional) except nothing is delayed because Today Tonight is at 5 instead of 7 so we see it before you. Although, it doesn’t air here because The Price is RIght is on and Home and Away is schedule for 7pm.

  2. My mum asked me on the phone what time The Voice is on tonight and i told her that its not on till Monday. I take it a lot of people are going to do the same thing and get disappointed. Nine should have gone with Sunday for the Live shows. That way they keep DWTS at lows and begin the week strong. I think Nine are idiots if you ask me. They are going back to normal programming almost. This is how you hurt a show.

  3. I was wondering when Two And A Half Men was going to be on. I was wondering if it was going to air after once The Voice has finished for Season 1. Is 2 Broke Girls New or Repeats

  4. Well doesn’t worry me being a Seven fan. All it will mean is Seven will be back on top. It was always going to be one episode a week when the live shows came but i was surprised that there isn’t a results show because everywhere else around the world there is a results show. So in a way Nine has tinkered with the format.

  5. And in a clear sign of Nine not even knowing their programming schedules, they advertised around 10am this morning that The Voice would be broadcast at 7.30pm tonight. Will be interesting to see how much audience numbers begin to fall following audience frustration with programming.

  6. I’m getting confused by the tactics of TV programmers lately.

    They seem like normal, rational people in online articles and interviews yet their decision making confounds common sense and apparently plain simple logic at times.

    Yes, they are driven by commercial deals and boardrooms so they have other pressures which we mere mortals are not aware of.

    But why do they mess around with timing and programming like this, especially obvious rating blockbusters like The Voice? Why not build an audience by starting and finishing on time and being at least consistent?

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