Top cast joins Puberty Blues on TEN

Claudia Karvan, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Susie Porter, Dan Wyllie, and Rodger Corser join Puberty Blues.

TEN has assembled a top-flight cast of Australian actos for its period drama series, Puberty Blues.

They include Claudia Karvan, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Susie Porter, Dan Wyllie, Susan Prior, Rodger Corser, Ashleigh Cummings plus Brenna Harding (Packed to the Rafters, My Place), Sean Keenan (Lockie Leonard, Cloudstreet), Ed Oxenbould (Julian), Charlotte Best (Home and Away), Katie Wall (Dangerous, Underbelly), Reef Ireland (Tangle, Rush) and Isabelle Cornish (Dance Academy, Home and Away).

Based on the modern classic by Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette, will go beyond the (mis) adventures of  two girls in the 1970s, to dramatise their families and friends.

TEN’s Head of Drama Rick Maier said: “To be able to assemble this cast speaks volumes about both the pedigree of the production and the impact of the original novel. Can’t wait to get under way and bring this fantastic series to the audience.”

Produced by Southern Star John Edwards (Offspring, Tangle, Love My Way, Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, Beaconsfield) and Imogen Banks (Offspring, Tangle), it will be directed by Glendyn Ivin (Beaconsfield, Offspring, Last Ride) and Emma Freeman (Hawke, Tangle, Offspring).

Imogen Banks, Producer Puberty Blues says: “As a young girl I read Puberty Blues in a state of terrified excitement. Now here I am, years later, making the series in much the same state.”

Despite TEN’s publicised troubles with Sydney’s Sutherland Shire Council it will be shot in and around Cronulla Beach.

Production begins Monday April 10.

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  1. @Michaeloz just making a comparison. Just saw a promo for Tricky Business with Gigi Edgly…feisty blonde girl torn between 2 guys just like RSO. Just saying….really looking forward to the Ten offering, but Nine? – not at all. Sorry about that.

  2. This just sounds like the same type of drama that Channel Ten have been dishing out for the last 20 years, same type of actors, same production companies with not one having been a ratings blockbuster in all that time.

    You would think with all those years of failures the direction and style of the type of dramas they make would change but quite clearly they haven’t. Can’t see this rating its socks off, it’ll even get lower than Offspring.

  3. This sounds like it will be great fun and cleverly brings Claudia Karvan back to FTA and the Ten network in particular where she was last seen in the Secret Life of Us. This announcement – with such an ensemble cast throws into sharp relief how lost Nine are in this genre.

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