1. This is what journalism should be about. Reporting on real news and making a difference in the world. It really puts into perspective the crappy “news” bulletins from the commercial networks.

    Regarding the story itself, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the US military lied and are now trying to cover it up (e.g. by blocking access to witnesses).

  2. Good journo, good show. No excuses, program your PVR and watch his show and be knowledgable about something in addition to gossip and sport

  3. Fair’s fair. Australian media has much more important stories to report. The Shire, Being Lara Bingle, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, The Block, the Prime Minister’s big bum and so many others. How could they possibly squeeze this in?

  4. Yalda Hakim, Dateline and SBS deserve credit for really going after this story and for being the first western journalists to actually get to the village where it happened and interview witnesses. Too often foreign victims are just numbers, they’re not given names or voices or faces. And while it’s probably a bit much to hope for that other TV networks would re-report an SBS scoop (they’re loathe to praise the good work of a competitor), I’m dismayed that none of the print media or other news agencies here have deemed it worthy of attention.

  5. Australian Media as a whole is terrible. I’m so glad we have SBS and SBS World News because otherwise we’d be stuck with “how to save money tips” and “best shopping bargain” news items all day.

  6. Dateline has to be our best current affairs show. Well done to TV Tonight for highlighting this. I wonder if other media will now report this. I would of thought the ABC would of. You just cannot ignore a story of this magnitude.

  7. “The first casualty when war comes is truth”. Hiram W Johnson, staunchly isolationist senator for California, to the US Senate in 1917 (the year of his election to the Senate, where he remained until his death in 1945).
    And true a century later.
    Great, true journalism Yalda. More awards on the way and deservedly so.

  8. David a great example of media being controlled and since we are up the USA’s arse like a fat kid on a lolly I’m not surprised the commercial networks have not aired the report! Thank you Yalda and SBS for the truth.

  9. Maev....Sydney

    I did read about this …somewhere online…for a minute….and a bit later a small mention that maybe there was more than one perpetrator….and then nothing…..
    Well done SBS…and to this young woman journalist for her tenacity….and lastly to you….David Knox…for the most amazing site and for yet another well written, informative story….Walkleys all round, called for here!

  10. David, what is this rubbish?
    I only want to hear more about Brynne Edelsten. 😛

    Our media is pathetic, amazing job David, I’m glad somebody takes their role as a journalist seriously.

  11. Secret Squirrel

    Great story, David. Thanks for picking up on it. Everything else that I might’ve written is in the comments below mine, including a couple of the one-liners that came to mind!

  12. It is a shame that quality journalism like this isn’t on commercial TV. All those people wanting a merger between SBS and ABC must look at news like this that would not be shown on the ABC.

    SBS definitely has its place in Australia and has a different focus to the ABC.

  13. Saw this on CNN and now this story tweeted by Nat Geo’s Extreme Tourist! I watched the CNN part and quickly went to twitter and people were talking about this journo! No Aus media, for such an exclusive. I love the first few comments on here too!

  14. Are you all kidding? So the others are going to say “We interrupt our story on supermarket mince meat, to show you that another newsroom did some real work.”

    It’s way too cut throat to acknowledge a competitor doing a better job – especially if it’s SBS. They would be hoping no one noticed, and let it all blow over so no one flick over from whatever reality garbage they’re poisoning themselves with.

  15. “Didn’t have time. Too many cat’s stuck up trees, Abbott learning how to fillet fish, the PM’s wardrobe items and program cross-protions to run”, says Seven, Nine and TEN. Which is why I only get my news from ABC and SBS these days.
    Now, if these were 17 Americans murdered by an Afghan……..

  16. I haven’t heard about this. Not even a single mention at all.

    Not even in passing has the above information been seen.

    Why? I am usually up-to-date with the news; from all perspectives and sources.

    Yet I still didn’t know about this?

    For shame, Australian Media. The blackout of that information would have had to be pretty extensive for it not to be noticed.

  17. FTA news well lets face it its 5 minutes of one sided news, a little bit of celebrity gossip 15 minutes of sport and then the weather,you can not condense news in to half an hour,congrats to SBS world news briliant

  18. Thanks for picking this up David, what an wonderful piece of journalisim she has produced. I hope it can assist in making those responsible come to justice.

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