ACA tops Today Tonight but holds off escort interview

ACAs coverage on Craig Thomson helped it to beat Today Tonight -all without even having to broadcast its interview with an escort.

A Current Affair‘s story on Craig Thomson throughout the media yesterday helped it to beat Today Tonight last night, with 1.23m over Seven’s 1.08m.

Cleverly, Nine didn’t even have to broadcast its apparent interview with a Sydney escort, but had reporter Justin Armsden talking to Tracy Grimshaw about the behind the scenes machinations. That leaves them with another card up their sleeve, potentially for next week.

But it was Seven Network that inched in front of Nine to win Thursday thanks to its multichannels. Its line-up included Seven News (1.28m), Home and Away (837,000), Grey’s Anatomy (706,000), Deal or No Deal (680,000), The Price is Right (394,000), Desperate Housewives (368,000). Better Homes and Gardens was 521,000 in three states while Australia’s Got Talent was 503,000 in two.

Nine News led for Nine on 1.25m. The Block was 1.21m, Hot Property was 977,000, The Footy Show was 701,000 and Hot Seat was 650,000.

MasterChef was under the magic million at 943,000 for TEN, with TEN News on 794,000, Glee on 618,000, SVU on 467,000 / 363,000 and The Project 6pm on 461,000.

ABC News pulled 905,000 for ABC1 then 7:30 (627,000), Catalyst (623,000), Silk (597,000) and Secrets of the Superbrand (412,000).

On SBS ONE Heston’s Feasts was 275,000, Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita was 224,000 and French Food Safari was 209,000.

Neighbours again led multichannels with 330,000.

Thursday May 24 2012

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  1. @[email protected], I doubt that it’ll happen within the next month or so due to CVC (owners of nine) currently sorting out the launch of formula one (also owned by CVC) on the Singapore stock exchange. Although word is that CVC are looking to sell most of their current assets and start a new round of investing in new companies so that doesn’t surprise me at all.

  2. The thing is ACA and TT have no credibility anymore. They say one thing and then the next week comes along and its all false. These shows are trash and should be dumped. Can’t believe this crap even got a mention on Seven News last night.

  3. I love that pundits are questioning the credibility of ACA’s Thomson expose because the interview is with a prostitute who’s most probably been promised a fat cheque. But, generally speaking, I’d see most prostitutes, paid or not, as having more credibility than A Current Affair.

  4. Desperate Housewives wasn’t on until 10.30pm (or later due to poor start times) here in Adelaide due to 1hr of Home and Away, followed by 90 mins of Better Homes, then Greys. Thankfully I have already seen this episode by other means.

  5. Hey David – The Australian Media pages report Fairfax is sniffing out buying the 9 network.

    There was another report yesterday arvo about a US businessman also sniffing and meeting several head honchos of the current owners, but this report appears to have disappeared.

    Just FYI.

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