Airdate: Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Azerbaijan is gearing up for Eurovision 2012 and Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang return for SBS.

“Light Your Fire!” Yes, it’s that time of year again.

The annual Eurovision Song Contest is almost upon us, to be staged in late May in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Naturally, SBS will be screening the event, plus extra specials:

8:30pm Fri May 11 Secret History of Eurovision Pt 1 (Rpt)
8:30pm Fri May 18 Secret History of Eurovision Pt 2 (Rpt)
7:30pm Fri May 25 The Road to Azerbaijan with Julia Zemiro Pt 1
8:30pm Fri May 25 Eurovision Song Contest 2012: Semi Final 1
7:30pm Sat May 26 The Road to Azerbaijan with Julia Zemiro Pt 2
8:30pm Sat May 26 Eurovision Song Contest 2012: Semi Final 2
7:30pm Sun May 27 Eurovision Song Contest 2012: Final

Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang will once again be Australia’s hosts for the Semi Finals and Finals, with Zemiro also presenting two new specials, The Road to Azerbaijan with Julia Zemiro.

Travelling across Europe in a campervan, she introduces us to Baku, previews the entries, and interviews performers past and present.

SBS has now launched its dedicated Eurovision site with clips, blogs, voting and Eurovision radio. SBS already has a crew on the ground in Azerbaijan in readiness for the big event, to be staged at Baku Crystal Hall.

I’m pleased to announce that for the fifth year I will again be blogging for SBS on their official site.

For all you EV fans, please note SBS is where I will cover the news in detail, while TV Tonight will still file some broader content for those whose interest is not so Euro-tragic!

The 2012 CD also gets a release tomorrow. I still haven’t chosen my favourite -but it won’t be Englebert Humperdinck!

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  1. Is there a legit reason why SBS doesn’t broadcast live or are they just lazy? I love Eurovision but its such a pain finding out who wins before I can see it for myself.

  2. Can’t wait! Love Eurovision, and I would be happy with either SBS commentators or Graham Norton.

    It’s time for the wind machines, pitch changes and my favourite of all … the awkward crosses to each country’s (often embarrasing) representitive to reveal the televote results!

  3. I love the SBS commentary team. And David, you haven’t chosen a favourite? I’ve only heard the scandinavian entries and I know Sweden’s Loreen is the best! I love her song!

  4. I was a big Terry Wogan fan and it used to irritate the hell out of me when SBS did its own commentary (and refused to provide Wogan as an alternative for no better reason than they knew which would rate better). The Graham Norton show is one of my must watches but I was disappointed. For some reason his humour simply doesn’t work for Eurovision.

  5. Hmph… those two again.

    I wonder if they’ll actually mix with the Australians in Baku (unlike last year where they just sent out the cameraman)

    Would much prefer to listen to the Graham Norton commentary anyway.

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