Airdate: Once Upon a Time

At long last Seven has finally scheduled US fantasy drama, Once Upon a Time.

It premieres 7:30pm Tuesday May 15th in a PG timeslot.

The modern-day retelling of fairytales stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison and
Lana Parrilla.

In that timeslot it will air against MasterChef on TEN and The Big Bang Theory on Nine.

Bail bondsman Emma Swan is confronted by Henry, the child that was given up for closed adoption 10 years ago. He asks her to come to his home of Storybrooke with him and explains that the people there are fairy tale characters who don’t remember who they are. The boy insists that his adoptive mother, Mayor Regina, doesn’t love him, and that Emma has a destiny to fight in a final balance and help good win once and for all.


  1. Really! It starts tonight. I have watched promos for this program for so many weeks (or is it months?) I assumed that by now they were up to the second series.

    Well live and learn. LOL.

  2. This show (now completed in the US) was a great hit with viewers, so much so that it has been given a Season 2 renewal… hence I am surprised that you have not given it a review David.

    Any plans to do so, or have you, like many others, lost interest due to the 7 month delay in the Seven network putting it to air in AU?

  3. Finally and what a tough time slot with the S5 final 3 BBT starting next week and MC. It’s a great show, one of the best of the 2011 season, hope it does well.

  4. I liked the pilot but episodes 2 and 3 were incredibly boring. This is a show much more skewed for females

    I’m thinking this will rate around the 1 million mark before dropping heavily a la No Ordinary Family

  5. Thanks David. I’m sure that’s music to Seven’s ears.

    However, it doesn’t make sense for Seven to move Australia’s Got Talent to Wednesday night.

    Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Nine decides to have The Voice on more than once a week.

  6. When I saw the announcement last night during Home and Away, I was adamant they made a mistake with their decision.

    Looking at Seven’s schedule, I now believe there is nowhere else it could have aired.

    Correct me if I’m wrong David, but isn’t The Voice on once a week this week alone? If Once Upon A Time isn’t up against The Voice, then I believe it stands a strong chance of thumping the other two networks in the ratings.

  7. This is the perfect timeslot for the show, well Mondays at 7:30pm would have been but The Voice is there so its best to avoid it. This show i feel is going to go off here. Its the #1 new drama in the US and there is a lot of love for this show.

    The thing with people going i wonder how long it will last until 72. Well the same sort of thing was said in the US. People were caning it then they watched it and loved it. The show is brilliant from what i have seen so far. I just hope Aussies embrace it like America and the UK have.

  8. I’ll admit I would of loathed them putting it on a Monday. So I’m glad they didn’t. Because the genre audience expects failure then. Or that seems to be the tradition. So thank you for not doing that.

  9. Not sure on this timeslot. When was the last time they aired a drama on 7.30 tuesdays? My guess is it was Ugly Betty, before they relegated it to 72. i think It would have been better on Monday at 7.30 paired with Revenge.

  10. I think Seven have left this too late. I love this show, prob my favourite of the new shows. But they’ve been playing promos for months. Southpatt is right, you can only tease viewers for so long. Wouldn’t be surprised if people got sick of waiting and went elsewhere. And the season would have finished by time they start airing it.

    Still, hope it rates well. It’s a great show.

  11. steve sydney

    Has anyone elsed noticed in 7s promos that 3 out of the 6 review quotes have come from the same newspaper (washington post)??

    Makes me think not enough critics favour this show. I will watch it though, sorry correction, I’ll get the dvd from the US. It’ll be out soon anyway since 7 have taken so long and I’ll be watching MC…

  12. Just after Season 1 concludes in the US. Can I get a job as a programmer ? Let’s tease the audience for months with this show. Wait for them to be come interested, check it out and watch elsewhere. then finally slot it in at a naff timeslot.

    Ohhh and wait a minute. Lets slot it between Masterchef and the Big Bang theory, which even in repeats, can seem to do no wrong.

    I wonder how many weeks it will last here before consigned to Seven Two ?

  13. I’ve had so long to get used to the idea I probably will miss it that I don’t know how to react. I hope it works out in the ratings for Seven. I wonder if it’ll end late as usual.

    I’ll also admit when I heard about the new ads on the TV Lounge I decided to watch NBC Today to see if I could spot any. They played them. I liked what I saw. Although I thought it was a weird choice not to mention the date it start but instead say “Tuesday week” . I guess they didn’t want to have a day countdown eg. 10 days until…

    That said I find it strange that NBC Today had Stephen Colbert on as a guest and Seven edited him out. What a stupid decision.

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