Airdate: One Direction: A Year in the Making


One Direction: A Year in the Making, a one hour special, is coming to GO! next week.

With remarkable access, we the boys across the UK witnessing the hysteria as they launch their debut single in a helicopter, travel with them as they jet across Europe to see the huge impact they are having abroad, and at home.

7:30pm Tuesday May 15.

You have been warned….


  1. I hear they are coming back to tour next year. What’s the bet that all the tweens and young teens who are “squeeeeeling” for them right now will be “squeeeeeling” for some other group in a few months?
    Sydney2K I was young once and had a huge crush on David Bowie in the early 70s….:D

  2. Ha! to all those people who find it a personal affront that some young men seem to be having the time of their lives performing. I can certainly believe these people never were wild fans of any musicians when they were young (they were young?)

  3. Linkin-Phoenix

    I want them to go One Direction… Away.

    Five years from now these… people, will be back working at the chip shop complaining about how Simon Cowell screwed them (I don’t even know if he represents them that’s how much I don’t care.) And the Beatles and Rolling Stones will still be making millions.

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