Airdate: Silk

This week ABC1 screens a 6 part UK drama about barristers competing to attain the rank of Queen’s Counsel.

It stars Maxine Peake and Rupert Penry-Jones. Written by British playwright and screenwriter Peter Moffat (Kavanagh QC, North Square, Criminal Justice) and has been renewed for a second season.

I found this to be a well-acted and entertaining first episode, led by Maxine Peake.

If you’re into legal dramas I’d certainly check this one out…

A classy British legal drama follows the rivalry, tension and intrigue on the front line of criminal law where passionate barrister Martha Costello (Maxine Peake) has a reputation for defending the poor and downtrodden.

Martha is about to take silk, that is, become a Queen’s Counsel, and if she’s successful, she’ll be considered one of the top barristers in her field.

But she is not the only one in her chambers applying. The charming, ruthless and gifted Clive Reader (Rupert Penry-Jones) is also in the running and it is unlikely both would be successful.

Fresh from a successful defence for murder, Martha is immediately thrown two last-minute cases by practice clerk Billy (Neil Stuke). Martha stays up all night preparing the cases – an aggravated burglary and a drug mule (co-defending with Clive).

Clive takes advantage of her lack of thorough case preparation and the judge passes heavy sentence on her client and a lighter one on Clive’s client, who is clearly more guilty.

Both are keen to make an impression before the judge who is on the panel referring for Silk.

Begins 8:30pm Thursday on ABC1.


  1. This is a remake of a much better series by the same writer – Peter Moffatt.

    The orig. series is called North Square.

    I recommend hunting it down. Many of the story lines are the same.

  2. This is a great show…. but also thought that it was a ‘one off’ Drama…., What pleased me even more is that Season 2 is going to air (in the UK) May 16th 2012.

    I have never been a huge fan of British TV/Dramas but do need to say that over the last 24 months, my views have changed. Silk was great.

    If you have an interest in viewing this show, I recommend you stick with it.

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