Airdate: The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show

More than two years after it was promised for Nine, GEM will finally screen The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show.

Now all they need to do is add Shane Jacobson’s When I Grow Up, another series gathering dust on the shelf.

Bringing up kids has never seemed harder, but The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show proves you can do it without going crazy – if you know the tricks.

This new child-rearing series, presented tongue-in-cheek, premieres Thursday, May 31, at 8.00pm on GEM, bringing common sense to modern parenting in an entertaining and enlightening way.

The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show will demystify the myths of parenting and tell mums and dads at their wits’ ends that the old tried and true methods are still often the best. The series is presented by clinical psychologist and best-selling author Nigel Latta, a father of two who shares his ideas with off-the-wall humour and battlefield wisdom.

“I think the whole ‘modern parenting’ thing has stolen the peace of mind of a generation of parents who are actually doing a perfectly fine job,” Latta says. “If I can reassure people that they’re doing okay, that their kids don’t need them to solve every last little problem, and that with a little common sense and a few simple tools you can deal with just about any parenting dilemma you’re ever likely to face, then I’d consider it a job well done.”

In The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show viewers will learn that being a parent doesn’t have to be hard – and being the perfect parent is not a prerequisite for raising confident, happy children.

In episode one Latta tackles the misconceptions head-on by tearing down the top five lies about parenting and the top six pains. From breastfeeding to fussy eaters, toilet training to restless sleepers, he covers everything that drives parents mad while offering solutions that work. He also reveals the 10 principles for raising good kids and his innovative behaviour management method called “The Ladder of Certain Doom”.

Latta is the author of Into the Darklands: Unveiling the Predators Among Us, a book about his work with adult and adolescent offenders; the best-seller Before Your Kids Drive You Crazy Read This; and Politically Incorrect Parenting, from which the TV show has been adapted. He also wrote the novel Execution Lullaby. With over 20 years of experience, Latta specialises in working with children with behavioural problems, from simple to severe.

Thursday, May 31, at 8.00pm on GEM


  1. Secret Squirrel

    I don’t know, Craig. What about Justified, Episodes, and Mr Sunshine, for example? They must have run out of Friends repeats or something. Wonder why they didn’t just stick TBBT on?

  2. Seriously lame Nine, this must be one of the worst “Coming Soon” examples form them ever, promises for 2 years only to have it dumped on GEM, well at least it will be in HD 😆

    Now any bets on how long before it’s dumped for a move or something?

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