Another 2.26m as The Voice divides us

There were more crushing decisions, stunning duets and even some trainwrecks -but The Voice continues to dominate.

The Voice continued its domination of television last night, with over 900,000 more viewers than anything else in sight.

The second battle-round show pulled 2.26m viewers when it aired from 8pm-10pm (it ran overtime so the numbers will be adjusted slightly). That again bolstered Nine’s share for the night at 37.9% to Seven 27.1% and TEN on 16.0%.

There were more dramatic sing-offs, crushing decisions and stunning duets. But some performances such as Firework underwhelmed while Purple Rain was a sheer trainwreck. The show also dominated Twitter while it was on air with plenty of division over some of the judges’ choices.

The Block was second best for Nine on 1.26m viewers then Nine News (1.18m), ACA (1.04m), and 2 Broke Girls (848,000).

Seven News (1.33m) topped Seven’s night then Today Tonight (1.16m), Packed to the Rafters (1.11m), Australia’s Got Talent (1.07m), Home and Away (909,000) and Missing (691,000 /566,000).

The Biggest Loser (758,000) was TEN’s best performer. TEN News was (742,000), NCIS was 538,000 / 378,000 / 332,000 and The Project 6pm (441,000).

ABC News (940,000) was again ABC1’s top show then 7:30 (639,000), the final Country Town Rescue (539,000), and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (529,000).

The series finale of Who Do You Think You Are? was 374,000. Insight was 193,000 and Dateline was  128,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 253,000.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

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  1. it’s crazy that the judges all seemed to pick the weakest singers just because they thought the more inexperienced they were the more they could improve them. why not just pick the best voice to start with, isn’t that the name of the show? Let’s hope these rejects apply for x-factor or next years Voice.

  2. My favourite performances were What’s Up and Big Jet Plane. Lakyn’s singing style is really sloppy so I was bummed that he beat Nick. Also, I love Megan Washington. She is just a joy to watch.

  3. Caught up with the last couple of episodes of The Voice. Some of the match ups are definitely not fair. Thought last night there were some very average performances especially Chris Sebastian and Lakyn Heperi. (Totally disagree with the judges comments on this guy). Once the public voting starts these 2 will probably make the final, because Chris will have all of Guy Sebastian fans voting for him and Lakyn will have the girl vote.

  4. I wish The Voice has wildcard entries so they can put Mitchell and Mahalia back in and remove Chris Sebastian and Viktoria, they’re the weakest so far imho. I adore Emily Bunting, she has a unique, quirky voice.

  5. Hi @Darcey09, even though I may have preconceived ideas of a particular TV program (it’s franchised, reality, talent oriented) I try to watch at least an episode or two and make up my mind after that. I’ve been pleasantly surprised a few times in the past so it’s always worthwhile.

    I just couldn’t get past the manufactured tension that seems to be the mainstay of reality programming these days. Considering it’s wall to wall reality on commercial TV at the moment, and I’ve already mentioned my thoughts on last night’s WDYTYA, there’s not really anywhere else to go.

  6. I’ve managed to avoid it so far, but pretty hard when TV is so dominated by reality shows, in particular singing/dancing. I thought I’d give The Voice a go this week, but then saw it was 2 hours (+), so decided to give it a miss.

    Michael O’Lachlan on Who Do You Think You Are was soooo much more edifying, fascinating stuff.

  7. The Voice ends June 18th, so less than six weeks

    I watched it and love it. This is a surprise as I fully expected to hate it, but its actually a really f***ing good show. I don’t like it as much as the X Factor (Ronan and Mel B are hard to beat), but its solid and entertaining. And signing Joel Madden and Seal as judges was a stroke of genius. The NBC version has become unwatchable with Adam Levine not having the balls to criticse contestants, and Xtina being insufferable and annoying.

    I also like the Battle Rounds, they’re a change of pace from every other competition where all the contestants sing one song and one or two of them make the cut (e.g. semi final rounds on Idol).

  8. Guy, I didn’t realise that the Time Outs were a purely Australian invention. Do they still do the mentor thing with the other versions? If so, how much of an influence do they have on the judge?

  9. The Voice has lost the plot. Its staged and i don’t like it anymore. It was great during blind auditions but as i have seen with the US and UK versions of the show it has become bland and boring and the Aussie version has lost the plot with these stupid Time Outs which don’t exist in any other version of The Voice around the world. Nine have really stuffed up big time. I can now see this show begin to slip.

    Next week i expect Rafters to improve and to be honest i find Seven’s scheduling of Border Security and The Force weird to be honest with you. There is no Voice so why not put Amazing Race or Once Upon a Time in the 7:30pm timeslot?

  10. The Michael O’Loughlin episode of WDYTYA last night was just the best. What a graceful and dignified indigenous Australian. Great stuff.

    Meanwhile over on 9 … The Voice … worst. show. ever. The premise of trying to split one song between two singers, where so many pop songs are written to a reasonably specific formula (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle 8, chorus, chorus, chorus) means that there are low points and high points and as such makes it just about impossible to give each singer an even opportunity. Then expecting two potentially different singing styles and ranges to tackle the same song is just plain silly. And if Delta clutches her chest and looks like she’s just witnessed the second coming once more, I’m gonna chuck something at the telly!

  11. The song choices are very strange. I find it hard to believe that anyone would choose the song Firework to show off a person’s voice. To put it very bluntly, it is just a dance track.

    The Time Outs really got on my nerves last night. They look like they are staged, to somehow build more tension about who a coach is gonna choose. You watch the coach and mentor and in almost every Time Out they are saying the exact the same thing just with different wording (as if it was rehearsed?).

    Some decisions are very puzzling. I don’t know about anyone else but Joel is my least favourite of the coaches because I feel he is playing the appearance game more than any other coach. Did anyone notice in the blind auditions that when he turned around and saw the artist, he would frequently be in awe about their appearance (as if it was top priority?).

    These are just some of the things that are starting to get on my nerves with this show. I’m still watching the show and sad thing is that this is probably all that Shine and Nine care about.

  12. As much as i enjoy watching The Voice, I have to wonder why a 2 hour show, needs to run 20 minute over time? It’s dragged out too long and 2 Broke Girls is a nice sit-com that dosn’t need to be starting at 10.20pm.

    I didn’t watch or tape Missing, although I may have liked it. Seven starting a new show after 9.30 and for two hours, is not doing it any favours.

  13. I did watch (most of) Missing last night and thought it was good but not sure if Seven did the right thing by showing 2 eps and it’s not really a good fit for the Rafters. I’ll have to catch the 2nd half of ep 2 later to see how it ended.

    When will The Voice end? not a fan but I don’t like most reality shows anyway especially these singing/talent ones.

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