Axed: Alcatraz. Renewed: Touch

Good news for TEN and bad news for Nine in the latest renewals from the US.

Good news for TEN with Touch renewed for a second season.

Tim Kring’s series starring Kiefer Sutherland was renewed by FOX ahead of the Upfronts to take place next week.

The series has just hit Australian screens on Sunday nights.

But the news is bad for Alcatraz starring Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia and Sam Neill. The high concept series has had a middling performance on Nine.

Meanwhile Bones spin-off, The Finder, is also no more. It was due to air on TEN.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I wanted to like Alcatraz (due to the mystery surrounding the island and it’s history), but the show quickly became a stalemate!

    I watched most of the first season, however I was not going to return for the 2nd season, so this decision is probably the right one!

    Think JJ Abrams name lost a fair few people quickly – seriously JJ – another show about an island????

  2. I hated Alcatraz when I watched the pilot, but watched a few subsequent episodes (around episode 6) and found it was better

    not surprised it was axed though, it took itself way too seriously. The atmosphere was so damn dark and sombre

  3. OK that last one seems weird. The Finder on Ten that is.

    I’m not too upset about Alcatraz. But I wonder if they’ll now try to pair Person of Interest and The Mentalist together as I think Unforgettable will also be cancelled too. I’d watch Person of Interest on Wednesday except if or, hopefully, when they put Fringe on. Maybe try it at the end of the year. That said I like Person of Interest late Friday night. I like that they are showing the earlier episodes when they do put it on.

  4. I guess The Finder will now be seen on ch11 or ONE at some point when they have a whole to fill.

    Never got into Alcatraz, it looks good but got old quick for me.

    I do like Touch and TEN is doing a good job with it, looks like season one is 13 eps, since it started late in the US.

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