Beauty and the Beast: promo

Check out this promo for The CW’s Beauty & the Beast remake with Jay Ryan.

He’s come a long way since Sea Patrol, Go Girls, Offspring and Neighbours.



  1. I think, if you get signed to the CW you should know your show will be cancelled, lol.

    As for this and Jay Ryan, I would think Offspring was his best work!

  2. its_on_tracks_3and4

    From someone who remembers the original…

    How on earth do they think they can improve on the awesomeness of the Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton pairing?

    For the youngins among us – you probably know Ron from Sons of Anarachy and Linda from the Terminator.

  3. Must say this would be one of my hot favourites to be quickly axed this season.

    I quite like the look of 666 Park Avenue, but haven’t seen American Horror Story – so although I understand the comparisons I think it might stand on it’s own two feet.

    Not getting the love for Last Resort too – that looked awful to me in the preview.

  4. I thought the trailer to Zero Hour was the worst I’ve seen in years – it looked absolutely woeful

    666 Park Avenue didn’t excite me like I wanted it to either, it looked like a toned down version of American Horror Story

    The pilots I’m most looking forward to are The Mob Doctor, Ben and Kate, CBS’s “Friend Me” with McLovin from Superbad, and The CW’s “Cult” starring Matt Davis. The Following and Revolution could be good as well depending on execution

  5. I’ll admit I’ve seen it. It’s not my favourite. I haven’t watched all the teasers. But my favourite one that I did see was the NBC series Revolution. It’s had over 6 million hits.

    I also liked the look of Last Resort, Zero Hour and maybe 666 Park Avenue. But trailers aren’t series. So who has the rights potentially to these series? Is there any time frame of the list of confirmation? I don’t expect it to be immediately by the way. Also will Nine sell a lot to Foxtel. The last I’m wondering about – I’d say out loud – but really with typing. Time will tell and then we find out here eventually. 😉

    I look forward to it.

  6. steve sydney

    Deja Vu anyone?

    Reminds me of this same Network’s attempt at re-making a modern day version of Tarzan. Which also starred an Aussie, Travis Fimmel, no less. No wonder The CW is struggling!

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