Biggest Loser tops with 1.36m, but Seven wins Tuesday.

Ratings: The Biggest Loser topped Tuesday with 1.36m pushing TEN into second place and Nine into third.

The Biggest Loser managed to take top spot on Tuesday with The Winner Announced on 1.36m viewers and Finale at just under 1.35m viewers.

TEN managed to push Nine into third place last night but it was Seven which won overall. Seven network won with 28.2% then TEN 26.8% and Nine 23.9%.

TEN sent out several press releases claiming it “won the night”, but the data is only based on 6- 10:30pm.

Seven News led for Seven on 1.3m viewers. Despite no episode of The Voice, Packed to the Rafters had to settle for 1.17m, followed by Today Tonight (1.16m), The Force (1.1m), Home and Away (965,000), Border Security (892,000), Missing (663,000). Deal or No Deal was 621,000 and The Price is Right was 402,000.

Also without The Voice, MasterChef rose slightly to 1.07m, TEN News was 697,000 and The Project 6pm was 421,000.

Best for Nine was Nine News on 1.2m then The Block (1.2m), The Big Bang Theory was 1.1m / 950,000, ACA was 1.09m, Two Broke Girls was 724,000 / 637,000, Hot Seat was 655,000 and Two and a Half Men was 415,000.

On Budget Night ABC News was 930,000, then Budget 2012 (711,000), 7:30 (654,000), and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (624,000).

A repeat of Who Do You Think You Are? was 264,000 on SBS ONE. World News Australia was 290,000 and Insight (190,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 339,000.

Today: 351,000
Sunrise: 347,000
ABC News Breakfast: 36,000 / 22,000
Breakfast: 31,000

Tuesday 8 May 2012

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  1. Tuesdays BBT was billed as a repeat at 8.00, then a new ep at 8.30, so I missed the 8.00. But when i turned over and saw the end of the 8.00 ep, it seemed like a new one, as I hadn’t seen it. Can someone please confirm if the 8.00pm BBT was new or repeat?

  2. Good night for Seven and TEN although Rafters seems to have lost its mojo. Maybe next week a Once Upon a Time lead in could make it rise? Nine all of a sudden came to a crashing halt. I really hope Seven can snag this week. That will show that you need more than 1 show in your schedule to win a week. It’ll be a close one regardless.

    Talking Once how do you think it will do David? I think around 1.4-1.5m although these days my ratings predictions have been quite off.

  3. David,
    I was just wondering because I am interested in the Breaky TV ratings. A few days ago you had the Breaky TV ratings up and Today won, so I was just wondering to see how often Today wins (Not that I want them too!) And I know you put them up many times when Sunrise wins. Also, do you know if Sunrise are still going to NBC Today in New York?

  4. I think many people are watching The Block and recording MC and vice versa.

    When The Block is over.. I’m sure MC will return to the usual 1.4-1.5 million each night.

  5. Given BBT only has 2 more weeks of new shows for the season I thought the numbers would have been better.

    Good on TEN and TBL, it’s nice to have a 3rd player into the mix for a change, I hope with MC we have many more nights where it’s not Nine or Seven taking all the honers.

    And why is it Seven insists on showing 2x eps of Missing, when they are not that far behind the US? I missed (no pun intended) the 2nd one last night because it was too late, lucky I recorded it.

  6. Hate to say it but Masterchef is really getting on my nerves.

    George and Matt need to realise that the show is not about them. Their over top antics are ruining the whole show for me.

    It annoyed me on Sunday night but I gave it a go again last night. No third chances for me.

  7. Heh, love the amount of spin that comes out of Ten. Looks like they won the demos for the night but that doesn’t seem to have the same zing, even tho’ it’s what ultimately counts revenue-wise.

  8. Some what of a worry there with both Rafters and Masterchef not quite getting what they once did, even without any strong competition.

    And Price Is Right took a bit of a tumble on day 2, hope it hangs in there.

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