Bumped: Modern Family, New Girl.

Fans wondering about TEN’s plans for Modern Family and New Girl will be pleased to hear they are returning shortly.

Both will be reinstated to Sunday nights from May 13, but at the new time of  6:30pm for Modern Family and 7pm for New Girl.

A second episode of Modern Family will also feature at 8:10pm on Monday May 14. Not really sure about the value of a second episode when it is on a different night in an unconventional timeslot. Seems a bit wasted to me…

But TEN has ordered episodes of MasterChef that range from 60 to 70 to 80 minutes.


  1. They’ve had Modern Family on two nights before and I don’t think it worked in their favour. I am glad that they at least kept Modern Family/New Girl on the same night at least (*coughGleecough*)

  2. I agree, I hate when they waste episodes at ‘at special time/day’ viewers like regularity will be pissed if they miss an ep. Just look at Revenge this week having a Wednesday airing to get more viewers, if it works.

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