Bumped: The Amazing Race. Airdate: Jack the Ripper

I've lost interest in this season now. Last to check in. Eliminated.

Fans of The Amazing Race are getting a bit of a rough go from Seven.

Next week the show will begin at 11pm, following a special on Jack The Ripper at 10pm (after another new Bones).

Things started out well enough with fast-tracked episodes, but then it moved to a later 10:30pm start, held over for the under-rating Titanic, and now pushed out to 11pm next week.

I’ve lost interest in this season now. Last to check in. Eliminated.

Not a great run-up to the next series of The Amazing Race Australia really…

Here is the synopsis for Jack the Ripper special airing at 10pm Wednesday May 9th.

London, 1888: Victorian England – a city gripped by fear. A gruesome killer leaving a series of women horribly mutilated. One of the most notorious serial killers of all time, Jack The Ripper. Now on the other side of the world, Australian scientists have made a major breakthrough. For the first time ever, they’ve extracted DNA from a suspect on the Jack The Ripper case. A former Scotland Yard forensic detective is on the hunt for evidence. His mission: to discover if an Australian killer could be Jack The Ripper?

30 Rock is out for the night.

TAR remains at 10:30pm tonight.

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  1. If you’re going to fast-track a show, then don’t stop doing it half way! Admittedly, I didn’t really bother watching TAR “elsewhere” because Seven’s is up to date anyway. Now, they’re a week behind, and the 2-hour season finale will air on CBS on Sunday night, US time. You gotta love Australian television – especially if you’re after inconsistency, unreliability and lateness!

  2. I lI’ve it how it remained @ 10:30 when AGT went until 9pm and Revenge was 1/2 hour late! Lucky I allowed 90 mins o my PVR! 11pm is a joke starting time, but I agree that at least it is still on. Don’t have much hope for the Oz version rating well!

  3. It really is quite staggering how Seven is treating TAR, particularly when they are investing in TAR Australia. What hope does the local version have, and why should fans tune into the local version when this is how it treats the show.

  4. The only explanation for this sort of thing is that Australian TV, for whatever reason, is doing its best to ensure that viewers get frustrated and access the program by ‘other’ means. Not that I would ever suggest it doing this of course, but people may be interested to know that there is a public spirited chap in the US who puts Amazing Race on youtube hours after it’s broadcast.

  5. A great show that has always been bumped. It’s been on at 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 & 10:30 (and that’s probably happened with this season as well). I started recording it as 10:30 or should I say 10:50 it too late for me. At least I won’t have to sit through the same ads a dozen times. Hopefully they don’t pull it completely before the finale.

  6. As I have mentioned many times before, please Channel Seven move any future US seasons of The Amazing Race to 7mate in HD, at a appropriate time of 7.30pm on a Wednesday or Thursday night, that would be perfect.
    For me Art & J.J or Team Big Brother are my pick to win this season.

  7. TAR is such a boring, repetitve show. I probably won’t even bother with the Australian version this year, they drag it out too much.

    Anyone remember last year when they had 90 minute episodes for the first month?

  8. hehe I like the photo of Phil doing his eyebrow thing.

    I love The Amazing Race, its annoying that they keep making it so late. I record it though as I watch American Pickers. But now TAR also clashes with the Late night talk shows.

  9. What a joke!!!

    Seven, if you couldn’t give a toss about TAR then just shove it on 7mate where I can watch it at an appropriate time. Geez.. you guys lose 2 weeks of ratings and you already start treating us like Nine again.

    David, I am loving this season. The Big Brother couple are hysterical!

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