ELEVEN craps on air -literally. (Warning: extreme video content)


Who on earth is censoring content at Network TEN?

A scene of a man defecating on air must be sinking to a new low for Australian television and surely a breach of the Code of Practice…

On Tuesday night ELEVEN screened the US movie Jackass II with a scene in which Dave England defecates on a dollhouse bathroom. He is known for being able to defecate “on command.”

A close-up managed to capture the moment in case there was any doubt. The offending scene has been uploaded to YouTube by “TV Whistle Blower.”

The movie was rated MA15+ for Adult Themes. But Adult Themes of this nature must be implied not actual.

Under the heading Advisory Note, Reality Television the Code of Conduct instructs: “Be aware that some behaviour in a ‘real’ context has more impact than in a fictional setting. For example, sexual behaviour in a reality context may be ‘R’ or ‘X’ rated because it is real activity not actors simulating in a drama. It is always considered that non-simulated material will be more impactful.”

“In order to comply with the Code of Practice, regard should be given to the camera angles that will be most suitable and those not to include. For example, to avoid gratuitous, demeaning or exploitative vision.”

It may also fall under the ruling that says: “A program or program segment will not be acceptable where the subject matter serves largely or wholly as a vehicle for gratuitous, exploitative or demeaning portrayal of sexual activity or nudity.”

To think that this rubbish passed for prime-time television when ELEVEN pushed a quality drama like Nurse Jackie back to 11:30pm to make room for it.

Just who is minding the network?

TV Tonight is seeking comment from TEN.

UPDATE: TEN has issued a statement: “Under the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice, films are required to be classified according to the National Classification Board Guidelines. The Classification Board, which is an independent statutory body, makes decisions that broadcasters are obliged to follow. The Board deemed Jackass II appropriate for MA 15+. Our classification and consumer advice reflected that.

“The Jackass films are known for ‘pushing the boundaries’. Network Ten apologies to any viewers who were offended by the content of Jackass II.”




  1. Omgg who cares I love this movie and if it had a ma15+ rating then it’s ok to air on tv. In the end ten gets the ratings and it caters to a younger demographic so that’s that. If u don’t like…don’t watch!

  2. I didn’t see the dump this article is about, but I was flicking channels and did see this show depict someone drinking horse semen. Even as I write this I feel sick saying it. Needless to say I kept flicking channels. There is no place on free to air television for this. I’m pretty broad minded but I was repulsed by what I saw. If that’s ok to broadcast now, I shudder to think what will be acceptable in 10 years time

  3. Secret Squirrel

    Whilst I don’t particularly want to watch anyone taking a dump I think people know what they’re in for with a Jackass movie. I’m much more shitty about Nurse Jackie being bumped by number two hours and Ca-californication disappearing like a fart in the wind. Who do I need to brown-nose to get it back?

  4. steve sydney

    Whilst I don’t want R rated material on free to air tv I will admit I am totally against censoring a movie just to fit it into a certain time slot or avoid offending a few. As others have said.. this is what Jackass is all about.

    The bumping of Nurse Jackie is a separate issue

  5. danielgonline

    It seems that YouTube’s censors are better at their job than Ten’s: “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

    Also, I’m not surprised that there was defecation in this movie, considering that its proper title is “Jackass Number Two”. (I’m not kidding; that’s really what it’s called.)

  6. I chose not to watch the movie. I know what they’re like and they are s^*t 😉 I’m sure the people who did watch knew what they were in for.

  7. Well they’ve had a s**t EPG for quite some time, their programming choices have been becoming gradually more s**tty and clearly they regard their viewers as less than s**t, given that they’ll cancel popular shows without any regard…

    Now this. Perhaps Ten are just seeing how much s**t they can produce before something is actually done about them?

  8. I’ve been reading TV Tonight for a long while,and am dismayed to find that this year there had been a distinct turn to moralising and opinion. A Jackass movie is what it is. There are plenty off other options to watch. Please don’t keep heading down this path.

  9. Glad I was watching the ABC and Marple. Thank you Aunty for those Marple repeats. 🙂

    I wonder will they do Poirot next?

    P.S. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the video. I’ll leave that to others.

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