Gone: Harry’s Law

That was fast. Nine has pulled Harry's Law after one episode.

That was fast.

Just one episode?

Nine has pulled Harry’s Law from the 10:30 Sunday slot after returning it last week. It has replaced it with CSI: Miami repeats (and shhhh, not an amendment in sight).

Last week the show rated 218,000 viewers.

I think Kathy Bates just got the news……


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  1. i watch HL ‘by other means’ only because i can’t rely on Oz networks to b faithful to a programme.
    season 2 ep. 20 (current ep. at US pace) saw the return of malcolm from season 1 and what a great ep. it was. i 4 1 love the show. david e. kelley is a genius.
    rescpect ur audience and they will respond by rrespecting ur programmes-a very simple philosophy, really.

  2. I watched it on Foxtel, the promo’s didnt really grab me but after seeing a part of the first episode i set it to record the rest. its a good little series, it’s not great but it has its moments.

  3. That’s interesting & kind of odd.
    From the info that [email protected] gave us that means that Boston Legal & Ally McBeal are the only Kelley shows that have been fully released, quite strange. Given all those songs in Ally McBeal i thought it would never see the light of day.

    I wonder what’s holding the other shows up?

  4. Furthermore, there’s no sign of a DVD release for either seasons of Harry’s Law (here, USA or UK).

    David E Kelley supporters may welcome the news that season 1 of Chicago Hope has had a UK DVD release, with season 2 due on June 4 and season 3 in September.

    The Practice has one season available on DVD in US, while a combo first 2 seasons is out in UK.

    LA Law has finanally been unearthed in UK (with season 2 due June 4, season 3 due July 9 and both seasons 4 & 5 due in October. This show is also about to commence on Foxtel’s 111 channel.

    Picket Fences? Still only season 1 on DVD in US.


  5. Harry’s Law is such a terrific show, with NBC not giving a chance until it’s second season when they made heaps of changes (not only the cast, but also brand new sets and better story lines) and Nine only seem to give it a chance when it’s not ratings season. They should put it on Gem during ratings season and then repeat it on Nine during non-ratings. Either that, or just let Universal Channel buy the rights to season two so we can see the show in a great timeslot on a great night.

  6. Who watches anything much at 10.30 on a Sunday night? I’m beginning to really loathe our TV networks, their constant chopping and changing is really the pits. How on earth can they gain an audience, let alone retain it, when at least 20% of weekly programming is different from the printed TV guides? Why should we consult half a dozen sources to find out what’s actually on?

    Fed up with the lot of them.

  7. Three shows I like….Harrys Law….Unforgettable….Drop Dead Diva….
    And Nine has screwed them all!!!!!!
    I guess I just like the wrong shows….
    Of course HL failed….on too late…and I do not have recording equipment….
    Why not just put them all on GEM….decent time and regular slot….but hey…that would be too easy….. 😡

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