Gone: Hawaii Five-0

TEN has yanked Hawaii Five-0 reboot from its schedule effective immediately.

The show has struggled with ongoing low numbers, this week rating lower than NCIS: LA which followed it.

Next Monday night the line-up is:

8:10pm Bondi Vet (new)
8:40pm NCIS (rpt)
9:40pm NCIS: LA (new)

Maybe the show will play-out on ONE?


  1. Great final episode. By the time 10 gets around to showing it anyone who wants to have seen it will, further eroding the ratings.

    Anyway, bring on season 3.

  2. OMFG… the only reason the ratings may have been bad is cos channel 10 tried to compete with revenge… move it to a different time slot or night and it will pick right up!!!!
    hawaii five-0 was the best damn show on the whole network!!!
    i cant believe they could replace it with repeats of NCIS with two episodes of the season left!!!
    my life is over!
    and what happened to supporting home grown talent?!! Alex o’loughlin is an amazing actor who deserves all our support and just because they’ve have a bad week or two doesn’t mean they should axe it!!!

  3. It’s a shame, I missed the NCIS cross-over because it started at a different time without any warning. I know many kids at my school from gr.10-12 who really really really like this show and we are all pretty upset that it’s gone. At least now I can watch revenge on channel 7 because it won’t overlap… Channel 7- new favourite channel.

  4. Hawaii Five O may not have been great, but it was enjoyable and fun and didn’t take itself too seriously!

    Ten have a habit of pulling shows before their seasons have finished (I will never forget Jericho, you twits).

  5. Ten has given this turkey all the chances they could. Lots of promotion and the best spot on TV last year .This season they even tried to pair it with NCIS LA but the remake was killing NCIS LA. Even if I am young I still watch the Original when I visit my dad, it is a great show with interesting plots and Jack Lord was an excellent lead man with a strong screen presence. The new Steve McGarrett is a wooden boring actor. The producers should had gone for talent in this show, no lame eye candy.

  6. This show is so bad. It won’t be missed for many considerings the terrible ratings. This show is still on in the States because of a syndication deal. The acting stinks and the plot is ridiculous. Hope DDKim and Scott Caan to get a better show after this.

  7. disappointed

    TEN have a habit of not sticking with things which is hugely disappointing. Another NCIS repeat is just going to start turning people off the show as it’s on so much! Unfortunately TEN is the main channel we watch at our place because it has my favourite shows on it, very rare that we’ll switch to one of the other commercial stations at our place. I can see why people download episodes or wait for the DVD release. Very disappointed TEN 🙁

  8. I think the poor performances are largely due to the not particularly resilient condition of the network. They can’t attract and they seemingly have no interest in getting older viewers to these series so the total people figures will always be poorer than if it were to air on Seven especially. Ten simply aren’t strong enough to have these programs doing near 1m. Let’s not even get into some of the shenanigans with their scheduling.

  9. Oh please someone play this show! One … Eleven… I love this show and watch it every week – though sometimes I do have to tape it and watch it after Revenge as it does overlap at times!

  10. Maybe instead of more NCIS repeats they could play The Killing US. I know it played a while back on One but surely would be a better bet. Might even give Revenge a run for its money. Maybe Im the only one but could we please have the next season of Law & order UK some time soon on One.

  11. Homeland almost got more ratings in Australia than it did in America. I love how it has become Ten’s most successful drama series of 2012, getting double the audience of NCIS at times, and leaving most of their other shows in the dust.

    It was a genuine surprise because most people didn’t expect a niche show from Showtime to be so popular over here, but Ten advertised it quite well

  12. Secret Squirrel

    @Josh777 – Ten’s poor ratings is not anything to do with luck. Also, Homeland rated well (for them, very well) because 1) it was a good show, 2) they chose a suitable day and time, 3) they advertised it and then showed it, 4) they kept it in the same timeslot, and 5) started it around the same time, not too delayed pretty consistently.

    H50 hasn’t been treated very well by Ten but it wasn’t getting the ratings beforehand either. Like quite a lot of people, I watched the first few eps but it was just too silly. Go back and have a look at the ratings here for the first few weeks and see the drop-off.

  13. Couldn’t Ten just be yanking it until it can put it in a timeslot that doesn’t have quite so much competition? It’s always rated decently, just seems to have been caught in the crossfire recently. Ten scheduling a repeat of NCIS seems to suggest they are sitting the battle out Monday nights rather thab wasting first run material there. Maybe they are planning on it returning later in the year… not that I would expect them too or anything!

  14. I absolutely love Hawaii Five-0 but with The Voice on Nine and Revenge on Seven, I had to watch the show on TEN’s catch-up site as my PVR couldn’t tape three channels at once. I hope TEN moves it to ONE and puts it in the Wednesday 8:30pm timeslot next week now that this week is the final episode of Burn Notice for season five. The show is a hit around the world, and it is just unlucky that TEN have such low audience share (being beaten my ABC for heavens sake is just plain insulting to a commercial network) which destroys the world renowed shows they offer – others being The Good Wife, Homeland, and House are just a few of the shows that are huge names in their own countries (Hawaii Five-0, The Good Wife and Homeland have all been renewed for new seasons) as well as internationally (with The Good Wife being broadcast in nearly 50 countries).

  15. Good on Ten for showing the Hawaii Five-O/NCIS: LA crossover on Monday, but why axe the show now with only two episodes to go in the current season? Is Ten waiting for The Voice to finish before showing the two episodes? Maybe Monday night is the bad timeslot for the drama.

  16. I love Hawaii Five O but i stopped watching when a 9.30 episode began at 9.50. Didnd’t bother waiting, and haven’t watched on Ten since. The shows great, Ten’s programming is not.

  17. jezza the first original one

    With the Voice on ch9, it will make no difference. Ch10 are just re arranging deckchairs on the titanic, they will still sink

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