Home & Away farewells ‘Colleen’

Long-running Home and Away busy body character Colleen Smart was farewelled on the Seven soap last night as actress Lyn Collingwood exited the series.

Collingwood first appeared as Colleen in 1988 with her son Lance, and made several reappearances before a long-running return in 1999.

Last week, Colleen won the lottery and the windfall sees her pack her bags to reunite with Lance and his family overseas.

“I liked Colleen’s wardrobe and the fact that she is so politically incorrect and says the wrong thing,” said Collingwood.

“I’ll miss a lot of people, particularly a lot of the crew who have been with the show for so many years. I’ve got some projects I want to do like writing the history of New Theatre (in Sydney) I’ve been involved with them for 30-something years now, but the door is always open for Colleen to come back so who knows.”

Never say never in Australian soap…..


  1. David, do you know if Lyn decided to leave herself or was her contract not renewed? Her comments make it sound as though it was her decision.

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