House Husbands cast announced for Nine

Gary Sweet, Rhys Muldoon, Gyton Grantley and Firass Dirani have been announced as Nine's new House Husbands.

Gary Sweet, Rhys Muldoon, Gyton Grantley and Firass Dirani have been announced as Nine’s House Husbands, a new drama from Playmaker Media.

They will be joined by Julia Morris, Anna McGahan and Natalie Saleeba.

The 10 part series, as first revealed by TV Tonight, is described as warm, funny and entertaining and “gives a real perspective on the way we live today from four modern families with one thing in common: the men are in charge of raising the kids.”

Other cast members are still to be announced.

House Husbands is a fresh and dynamic look at Australian family life with a very modern twist,” says Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Television.

“Audiences will fall in love with our characters as they deal with the challenges of raising families in today’s hectic world.”

The series was created by Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt, produced by Sue Seeary and Drew Proffitt and directed by Geoff Bennett and Shirley Barrett. Nine’s Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan plus Playmaker’s David Maher and David Taylor are executive producers.

“The timing feels right for a funny and honest Aussie drama that lifts the lid on what stay-at-home dads actually get up to. We are thrilled to be producing this series for Nine,” says Playmaker’s David Maher.

Production commences in Melbourne at the end of the month.

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  1. wow, some negativity out there. I know it’s 9 and everything but look at the cast. The funny aspect also doesn’t necessarily mean slapstick either.

    I think there is a lot to be angry about on Aussie tv but surely not something that hasn’t been seen yet and something we only have a brief synopsis of.

  2. Wow, this is the first Nine drama I’ve been interested in seeing for a very long time! I’d love to see a well-written relationship drama with no sign of cops or boats (or debt collectors). Will be great to see Natalie Saleeba back on the telly – she was fantastic in Neighbours.

  3. I will tune in when it starts! The cast sounds great & if the time slot fits I will give it a go as I like supporting Aussie drama 🙂
    @ deedeedragons LOL @ silly rabbit

  4. That’s the media for you – it’s like the writers and producers are living in some kind of time warp. What’s the bet there will be “hilarious” scenes of men grappling with the confounding complexities of changing nappies and making breakfast. It wasn’t funny back in the 1980s when Three Men and a Baby attempted to convince us that men caring for children was laughable, and it’s not funny now.

    Sadly, it’s women who tend to buy into this crap, presumably because men and children together are somehow “cute”. They should stop to consider the underlying implication – that men caring for children is only weird if you accept that they’re usurping what is primarily a female role. It’s actually deeply reactionary and offensive.

  5. I had to laugh at David’s suggestion. But unfortunately these Nine network press releases are so removed from what the poor audience is eventually delivered that a good dose of cynicism is required. Just look at Tricky Business, Cops LAC, Canal Road, The Strip, Rescue. Can you blame viewers for being a little cynical? Seven must be worried too.

  6. And another thing…only Nine would think this is a modern twist – the rest of us call it the normal daily grind. Men cooking, men changing nappies, men doing the drop off and pick up – sounds like a normal day at my place. Not that funny – just life. I’m taking David’s suggestion and will wait and see – but if it doesn’t work it’s because Nine have misread the comedic potential of the premise. Fingers crossed it’s poignant and hilarious.Good luck with that HH.

  7. @JBar – Yes but none of the shows you mention are on Nine where women not wanted, not necessary.It would be great if they had a gay couple but I’m sure that’s not going to happen.

  8. A little frustrated to hear that a story about parenting and families is being told through a male POV.

    Our screens are full of male driven Australia stories, the Underbelly franchise, Bikie Wars, even a male dominated judging panel on Masterchef!

    And now we have a story that could give us some respite from the male voice and it’s being told by men!

    What’s going on?

  9. “Australian family life with a very modern twist,”
    Not sure how modern a twist this would be? Anyone wonder if a gay couple would be included, or would that alienate the key target audience?

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