Injury forces Shannon Noll to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars

For the second time in its twelve-season history, a contestant on Dancing with the Stars has withdrawn from the competition.

Singer Shannon Noll underwent surgery yesterday for a spinal injury incurred during rehearsals.

Noll was taken to hospital on Thursday after suffering excruciating pain. It is believed a former injury became inflamed during rehearsals following a lift with dancer Elena Samodanova.

Producers were forced to check with rights-holder BBC about the rules of the format on such an occasion. Last night cast and crew were kept in the dark until the final moments of the show as to what the outcome would be.

Host Daniel MacPherson eventually told them all nobody would be eliminated and all other phone votes would roll over into the next week.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight that Noll’s voting line closed on Thursday when it became clear he could not continue. All votes registered would see monies being raised for Beyond Blue charity.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my charity, Beyond Blue,” Noll said. “I’ve really appreciated it and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t keep going in the competition. It’s sad that this happened the way it did.”

Seven Network Director of Production Brad Lyons said, “We wish Shannon a speedy recovery. No one likes to leave the competition under these circumstances.”

Noll is expected to have at least 6 weeks recuperation.

In 2010 AFL footballer David Wirrpanda quit Dancing with the Stars, to allow his cast mates to remain in the contest.


  1. I have zero interest in the show but I do have respect for how the producers have handled this, ensuring Noll is taken care of, that the integrity of the competition remains intact and that Noll’s charity is taken care of with the phone votes.

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