Jason Donovan to join I Will Survive?

Jason Donovan is tipped to join the judging panel of TEN’s I Will Survive.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford has tweeted that Donovan will be part of the upcoming series, to join Priscilla creator Stephan Elliot. Hugh Sheridan will host the series.

Donovan played the role of Tick in the London stage production, as well as former stage credits in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and The Sound of Music.

He was also recently announced as a new radio presenter on DMG’s smoothfm.

It also represents a return to TEN for Donovan, who found fame in Neighbours.


  1. I didn’t suggest he didn’t have gay friends, he’s in showbiz so he would have obviously known gay people, even back in the deep dark 90s. My point being the extreme choice to take legal over an allegation of being gay, sending a message that is such a terrible thing to be labelled. Whether to prove a point about press lies or not it still sends a negative message, and was a decision I understand he regrets as a major mistake.

  2. Jason Donovan once ridiculously sued the British magazine The Face over an allegation that he was gay. Seems he’s keen to be involved in gay related stage and TV work now though. Hmmmm… I’d suggest there may be better choices of judges for this show.

    • From memory at the time he also said he had gay friends and had no issue with homosexuality, but his protest was about press making lies. Clearly he was young with a lot at stake then, and in hindsight the lawsuit may have been an over reaction. I guess until you are in his position (London, the 90s, tabloid journos!) it’s hard to have the same insight.

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