Margie wins The Biggest Loser 2012

Queenslander Margie Cummins has won the title of The Biggest Loser 2012.

She wins the cash prize of $220,000 cash prize ($250k minus the $30k that James took in Temptation).

Asked what she will do with the money; “It will go straight into paying my mortgage and bills. A holiday with friends is also on the cards – to either Bali or Wategos beach – somewhere where I can go for a good surf!”

Trainer Michelle Bridges said, “Margie is one of the most amazing people I have ever trained on TBL. She was most certainly the fittest and most powerful and stood up to some of my most ‘slamming’ training sessions only to come back for more! I have the utmost respect for her and consider her to also be a mate. On a personal level, I am thrilled to have been a part of this amazing lady’s transformation. Respect!”

Final results were:

Starting weight: 151.9kg
Current weight: 85.9kg
Body loss difference: 73.2kg
Weight loss percentage: 46.01%

Starting weight: 161.6kg
Current weight: 89.4kg
Body loss difference: 72.2kg
Weight loss percentage: 44.68%

Starting weight: 132.8kg
Current weight: 78.8kg
Body loss difference: 54.0kg
Weight loss percentage: 40.66%

Starting weight: 120.8kg
Current weight: 76.5kg
Body loss difference: 44.3kg
Weight loss percentage: 36.67%

Lydia Hantke also won $20,000 after weighing in as The Biggest Loser of the eliminated contestants, having shed 63.1kgs from her original 141.9kg frame.

16 singles with a combined total weight of 2430.2kgs, the highest in Australian
Biggest Loser history, lost a total of 813.2kgs.

The series, based around loveless singles, has been TEN’s most consistent rating series this year.

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  1. Tbl will def be back next yr, Ten always signs up a decent amount of sponsers for this show and plus it is a massive amount of tv time to replace, 4.5 hrs a week!

  2. steve sydney

    Yeah I didn’t care much for Margie at the start but she did grow on me.

    I don’t think Alex regrets anything. Besides responsibility for not winning lies on him alone. Margie obviously put in just a bit more hard work.

  3. Congratulations to Margie on winning The Biggest Loser title. A deserving winner.
    And to Lydia losing the most weight from a eliminated contestant.
    And well done to Alex. It was a fantastic effort. And he looked great too
    And it was good to see Shane, Simon and Graham doing well in their weight loss journeys. They looked great too.
    And I can’t wait for next year’s Biggest Loser. Is it going to be singles again or are they going to do another concept?

  4. Ok series. TEN need to revist contestants from the past 7 series now and give a Second Chance to those who have put the weight back on. I think that would be a great idea. Maybe even Jillian and Bob?

  5. daveinprogress

    Great finale – i really enjoyed this season, stronger than the last couple – still compelling and emotional television. Yes, it is soap opera in execution, but also uplifting, and life changing for people who choose to access the sort of info and modelling that a show like this explores. Season 8 please!

  6. Well done Margie. I was disappointed in you when you decided to vote our Selena but you grew on me as time went on. A well deserved win.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last season of TBL. It has had its time and a new reality show is needed to get ten’s ratings up!

  7. Hope Alex still feels good about his $220,000 nice gesture. Lord knows if the shoe was on the other foot she would not have thought twice!

  8. They didn’t mention anything about the next season at the end of the show like they usually do. Hopefully this doesn’t mean it won’t be back next year.

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