1. Been watching Missing on channel 7, they gave it a pretty late slot on tuesday nights. Very entertaining, clever and not doing too bad in the ratings. Surprised that TV tonight hasn’t reported on the shows cancellation though, abc said that they cancelled the show after one season. Bad call i’d say.

  2. OMG what a load of unconvincing crap. After 30mins I still couldn’t work out if it was supposed to be a comedy.
    Whoever is responsible for casting these ‘bad guys’ should be looking for another job.
    If you want to see how real bad guys should look and act check out NZ’s’ Once Were Warriors’. The characters in that make these guys look like choir boys. Absolutely the worst “drama” on TV.

  3. Glad Once Upon A Time did well, nice to have a fantasy/fictional show the whole family can sit and watch at 7:30pm (and on different levels as well), kind of like when I was kid.

    Keep it on Tuesday’s 7 and don’t mess with the times, move it around or have 2 eps a week and you’ll be on a winner I reckon.

    @Craig I think Big Bang Theory will be down because people will think: “Ah, 9 show it all the time, I can catch up with the episodes eventually.

    Though it seems the way those numbers are written the repeat BBT did better than the new ep, maybe people thought the new got switched out last minute as has happened on 9 constantly lately (The Mentalist was one going back, advertised all week as new and a repeat shown instead).

  4. It would have been nice to see Once get a bit higher than 1.35m but i am hoping it builds. From what i have heard the show gets better as it goes along. I did find the pilot a bit slow but it started picking up half way through. If i were Seven i would have launched it after the MKR finale and then kept it on air after that as it could have been bigger but that is a good figure none the less.

    Bikie Wars did well for TEN too. Masterchef is going under. That figure just isn’t great for a show which was getting a lot higher figures.

  5. Guess BBT got lost in the mix of new shows on Seven and TEN, way off it’s season highs. Didn’t see the Bikies’ but have it on my PVR. Good numbers for OUaT, it’s a good show that kept getting better over it’s 22 ep first season, the final was fantastic.

  6. I’m glad Once Upon a Time did so well. I guess the good news with them taking so long to put it on they will be able to air them consistently every week. Even maybe starting the second season this year. Then maybe repeating it over the end of year non-ratings period. Like Castle. I guess time will tell.

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