Nine sings up another Monday win

The Voice sent home three more last night as Laura Bunting, Taga Paa and Jimmy Cupples left the building. The Live show netted Nine another 1.98m viewers, ever so slightly more than the Overnight figures a week earlier.

Nine won the night thanks also to Nine News (1.33m), ACA (1.09m). Tricky Business averaged 692,000 in preliminary figures (down from 940,000 in Overnights last week). Hot Seat was 639,000.

Revenge (1.47m) rose on its numbers from last week. Seven’s other showings were Seven News (1.47m), Today Tonight (1.28m), The Force (1.02m), Home and Away (942,000), Border Security (798,000), Deal or No Deal (745,000), Body of Proof (645,000) and The Price is Right (435,000).

MasterChef (1.04m) eliminated Kath and stayed above the magic million for TEN with TEN News on 742,000, Bondi Vet on 555,000, NCIS on 481,000, The Project 6pm on 422,000 and NCIS: LA on 419,000.

ABC News did well with 1.03m for ABC1 then Q & A high with 816,000, plus Four Corners (677,000), Australian Story (674,000), 7:30 (657,000) and Media Watch (629,000).

SBS ONE continues to struggle on Mondays with Mythbusters at 173,000, World News Australia on 167,000 and Letters and Numbers on 137,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 338,000. On GO! Spartacus: Vengeance was 103,000 but Fringe (47,000) and Chuck (43,000) both disappointed.

Sunrise: 397,000
Today: 384,000
ABC News Breakfast: 45,000 / 29,000
Breakfast: 35,000

Monday 28 May 2012


  1. I guess I must be strange because I like Breakfast and I like Paul Henry and think he’s funny! I also love Survivor which channel nine put on way too late, and I’ve never heard of Chucks sorry. I watch Masterchef, hate The Voice and The Block, and have tried to persevere with Tricky Business but I’m not sitting through The Voice waiting for it to start.They need to feature Shane Bourne and Debra Byrne more in the show to make it more family friendly like Packed to the Rafters. Fringe I’ve never heard of either. The point is how are the ratings worked out because no one ever asks me what I watch!

  2. Flicked to Breakfast this morning and I can’t see anything wrong with it (Except that lounge and coffee table), but I will continue to watch sunrise. Is Ron Wilson permanently presenting the news now? And for the time I watched it Andrew wasn’t there?

  3. I gave up on watching Chuck ages ago and started watching it on DVD and I guess a lot of other people did the same. Until I read this article I didn’t even know it was back on FTA TV – that’s how erratic the scheduling has been.

  4. Well I am no fan of Nine, yet strangely I have watched all three eps of TB so far. It’s not too bad, but it is moving very slowly and I’m not sure where it is going.

  5. I am not too sure that Tricky Business is doing that bad nor been given a bad timeslot. To have the timeslot immediately after The Voice is a great lead in even if the starting time is dependant on when The Voice bothers to finish, 692K is a very worthwhile figure for 9.45 at night (possibly bolstered by The Voice overrun but still good).

    I have not watched it because I like my drama in the vein of Shameless or Breaking Bad so Tricky Business isn;t even close to interesting me – just that the numbers are decent for such a late start.

  6. “Maybe it would help if Paul Henry did some interviews?”

    Maybe it would help if Paul Henry wasn’t there.
    The show was always gonna fail when they announced him as host. Surely Ten could have known that. I’m prob one of many who any chance of me watching the program, went the moment they announced him as host.

    Tricky Business is getting ratings it deserves. From what i’ve seen (which is waiting for Footy Classified to start) the show is just bad, but it got given a bad timeslot anyway

  7. I guess another better example that delayed viewing isn’t a bad thing is Revenge and Once Upon a Time so far. As they are over 1 million. The good news for viewers about the delay is they can watch them more consistently. Also maybe at the end of the year they can show some of the second season.

    I’ll admit if GO! does have the repeat rights for The Vampire Diaries I hope they risk to old timeslot of 8.30pm Monday. Then maybe repeat it the same night possibly after Chuck. Or between 12-2am. If Supernatural is on I’ll watch the repeat. If they keep up the repeats I might watch it in prime time when there’s no Supernatural. I can’t if there is a 2 week delay however. I’ll admit I couldn’t before because I often wasn’t at home. But not anymore I changed nights. It might mean they could bring back a lot of their viewers. If not then air it later. But you can’t get good figures if you don’t try for them.

  8. Tricky Business has flopped. Doubtful that it will get a second series, going on those figures. Channel Nine’s drama woes continue unabated, they cannot commission a decent continuing drama series to save their lives.

    I’m really enjoying Masterchef this year. Much better batch of contestants this series than last years, I have really started to warm to them. Also, the judges seemed to have toned down from their manic turn last series, which is a relief.

  9. Chuck ratings are not surprising, the series ended 3 months ago in the US, and its Nine’s own fault for on selling to Fox8, and then putting it on so late when they do get to air it.
    I wonder how late after 9:30 Tricky Business started, I haven’t bothered with it for three reasons, the promo’s made it look lame, Nine would start it up to 18 mins late each week, then it would be axed at some point due to low ratings. Why bother wasting my time?

  10. I’ll admit I’m going to rebel against the idea delaying a series automatically causes it to lose viewers. Ironically I could point out Fringe. They got pretty consistent numbers when they played it consistently and this was over a year after it showed up in the U.S. and 9 months after Australia saw it. Though it didn’t get as much as a main channel. I’ll admit when they began it on the new channel I didn’t even know the channel was even transmitting at the time. The mystery I don’t understand is why the paper TV guides at the time could not mention the new channel nor have a schedule for it. Was it the guides or the network? Stupid either way.

    Sorry was diverted. I think in contrast when they put Chuck on they ended up throwing it around the schedule. Hence the numbers went bad. The weird thing is I think it would of been perfect to replace Fringe with Chuck. As at the time Fringe was on 8.30pm Wednesday and having its seasonal break. And they could of played all the episodes in order. Oh well it’s not to be.

    I do agree late night airings do reduce the figures. So no problem there. But I think consistency more important to keep the figures or not erode them unnecessarily.

  11. Thanks David. I’ll admit I did worry moving Fringe to Monday might be bad. I hope more people can find it. I’m glad their main channel is doing well.

    I also hope SBS isn’t too disheartened by the their figures. I don’t know if it matters but I watched Mythbusters. I love it. Thank you for putting it on.

  12. Well with constant delays in starting Fringe and Chuck on GO! and then placing it in late night timeslots it’s no wonder they done poorly. Unless you give them primetime slots and not so delayed to the U.S. (or in the case of Chuck to FOX8) they aren’t going to perform – simple as that.
    And damn is Breakfast ever going to pick up? Maybe David Mott should watch Morning Glory (starring Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford) to figure out what needs to happen to get viewers!

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