Nine stands by Grant Hackett

Nine sports commentator Grant Hackett was back in the spotlight on the weekend after newspapers published photographs from a domestic incident last October.

The showed the aftermath of what Hackett later described as “a few private issues that we needed to deal with,” and showed an upturned grand piano and further disarray.

Police cars were called to his apartment at the time, but no charges were laid.

Hackett later said, “A lot of it has been speculation and unfortunately we have to deal with the consequences now. But everything is ok, our relationship is great and everything in our apartment is ok as well.”

But since then he has split with wife, singer Candice Alley.

Yesterday The Alannah and Madeline Foundation severed ties with Hackett as a charity ambassador.

“Grant was very committed to his role with us and we thank him for the work that he has done,” said Chairman, John Bertrand.

Nine has declined to comment on the pictures published at the weekend, with Hackett remaining as an Olympic commentator.


  1. Butterfly Carnage

    I agree with StevieP.

    Privacy is for mortals, not media celebrities. You play the game etc. Bad behaviour needs to be named or it goes unchallenged.

  2. Anthony Sharwood wrote an ‘Opinion’ today titled ‘Nine can’t Hackett: Why Grant Hackett still has a job’. It is worth a read.

  3. The big question is how did the media get their hands on the photos?

    In my opinion the children’s welfare is of paramount importance therefore the matter needs to be kept private.

  4. jezza the first original one

    @ Secret Squirrel….yeah I agree one hundred per cent. How the hell was this leaked to the media, was someone paid hard cash for it. …and if it was the cops, they should be investigated and disciplined. But of course it is VicPol….mmmm they rarely bust their own do they?

    The whole incident is disgraceful…..the cheesy denials, the press, the leaks, the ch9 response

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Not excusing his behaviour but I really think that this should be a private matter and that we have no right to pry into his personal life (or have the media do it on our behalf).

    Those pictures aren’t photos but caps from the police video footage. Questions need to be asked as to how they’ve been leaked.

  6. “Everything in our apartment is ok as well ”

    Looking at the pictures, I don’t think anything in the apartment survived. That is more than a temper tantrum, and I can understand organisations etc distancing themselves from Hackett.

  7. Amazed by this call.

    Ch9 no he is horrible at TV work…this would have been the perfect chance to “let him go” because nine is a “family brand” blah blah blah.

    Instead they stick with him and now they have a really bad tv presenter.

    C’mon nine, to coin a phrase from ch10, “seriously?”

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