Nine wins ratings week

Updated: Nine's winning streak in the ratings war continues but Seven is still in front this year in Demos and Total People.

Nine’s winning streak in the ratings war continues, despite only having one episode of The Voice last week.

It topped network shares, primary shares, multichannels and demos.

Nine Network won last week with 29.5% to Seven 27.7%, TEN 21.1%, ABC 16.5% and SBS 5.2%.

Nine’s primary channel was 22.5% to Seven 21.3%, TEN 15.0%, ABC1 12.5% and SBS ONE 4.4%.

GO! was 4.3%, 7TWO 3.7%, ELEVEN 3.4%, 7mate 2.7%, Gem and ONE both 2.6%, ABC2 2.3%, ABC News 24 0.9%, SBS TWO 0.8% and ABC2 0.7%.

The Voice (2.32m) was #1 for the week. Nine’s other performers included Nine News (Sun: 1.48m), The Block (Sun: 1.47m), 60 Minutes (1.28m) and A Current Affair (1.01m).

Seven News (Sun: 1.56m) was best for Seven then Revenge (1.25m), Packed to the Rafters (1.17m), Australia’s Got Talent (1.16m) and Today Tonight (1.12m).

TEN had a positive week thanks to a Reality premiere and finale. The Biggest Loser (Winner Announced: 1.41m) led their week. MasterChef premiered to 1.36m on Sunday. Outside of either brand, Offspring was next on 801,000, Touch was 703,000 and TEN News was 676,000.

New Tricks was 1.17m for ABC1 then ABC News (Sat: 1.01m), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (857,000), Australian Story (783,000) and a Midsomer Murders repeat was 721,000.

Machu Picchu Decoded stumped up with 451,00 for SBS ONE then Wildest India (321,000), Extreme Frontiers: Canada (315,000) and Heston’s Feasts (305,000).

Nine won 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos last week.

Seven was first on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday while Nine took Sunday, Monday and Friday. ABC bettered TEN on Saturday and both tied for Monday.

Nine won Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with Seven still victorious in Adelaide and Perth.

UPDATED:  Whilst Nine’s data indicated it had overtaken Seven in 16-39 and 18-49 this is for Overnight data only and does not include Consolidated (timeshifted) data. Adding the latter, Seven remains in front on demos and Total People. 


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  1. It’s that Home and Away crap that is killing 7.They don’t know it yet but to eaten alive by Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer 2.5 men,Four Science Nerds Big Bang Theory and a Home Renovating Show The Block in the ratings tells us something.I am thinking Long Term New How I met your Mother being 7’s 7pm fix from 2013.

  2. I think the big story so far is Masterchef and it’s shaky start. I know it’s only early days for this season and as the advert’s notch up the narrative as we start to recognise “the cast”, it’ll attract more viewers. Given that, it’s still a fairly flat start. Could this be the fat lady singing? (as it were 🙂 )

  3. It’s great to see some genuine competition and the way it’s quietened the Seven smugness.

    Maybe they should now take a real look at some of the garbage they pump out – and the way they over promote it.

  4. @danny

    No worries. I get it. Sorry about being a bit harsh no anger intended i was just was sick of telling people about The Voice being 1 show. I do find it strange myself that Nine are doing only 1 show but thats how they decided to do it.

    I didn’t think Seven could be behind in the demo’s already. Its only been 4 weeks. Damn Nine and those overnight results only. They obviously don’t like consolidated figures. lol

  5. LOL people are still blaming Better Homes and Garden’s 90 minute episodes for Seven’s loss.

    If 7 needs to turn to BH&Gs to win the week then they’re in alot of trouble. Seven’s programming is becoming stale. Home and Away will likely come 3rd or 4th in it’s timeslot for the next few weeks… PTTR is on the way out.. People are over the stunts on AGT… Melbourne and Sydney don’t turn to 7 for News.. case closed!

  6. @ Guy, my comments were not aimed at you. It was more of an analysis.

    And for the record, I never knew The Voice was going to be on once a week. I assumed it would follow the American format where its on Monday and Tuesday night. Plus, David said two weeks ago that it was going to be on once a week for two weeks, only two weeks ago. He didn’t start a new thread, his response was in relation to a question I had asked.

  7. @danny

    I am not underestimating Seven at all but like i said earlier Seven need to up their game and come back with a strategy. The Voice ends in June.

    Also The Voice is once a week and that is how its staying. I am sick of repeating myself over and over again with people saying The Voice is going to be on twice a week. Nine confirmed it already. For season 1 the live finals will be once a week and the results show will be integrated into it. That will probably change next season but for s1 its one episode.

  8. @ db, that is true. It’s hard not to overlook.

    Thanks for your response David, in any event it’s going to be a bloody battle for the rest of the year, in any way we look at it.

  9. Hey David, do you anticipate Nine to be in an unassailable lead for the rest of the year, or does Seven have a chance to overtake Nine in 16-39 and 18-49 for the remainder of the 2012 official ratings weeks?

  10. It’s quite disturbing how one show can really overthrow the success of an opposition network so swift and merciless.

    The gap is going to be even wider when “The Voice” is on twice a week. Given the popularity for “The Voice” and growing viewer dissatisfaction with “Australia’s Got Talent”, I’m concerned how The X Factor: Australia will do when it returns in September.

    In saying that, I’m confident Seven is working tirelessly on a comeback strategy. If I was asked for advice, I’d recommend they axe a lot of their factual programming as most of them are several years old and the declining numbers means there’s little to no demand for them. I’d also recommend they go to Mipcom and other markets and bid heavily on the next big format. As much as I hate The Voice, Nine were smart to have given it a go. It’s different and audiences have embraced it.

    Seven News needs a major overhaul. I don’t credit Nine’s resurgence in news as a result of Millionaire Hot Seat.

    One other thing, Seven has always lacked depth and creativity when it comes to their overall presentation. They’ve been using the same template since 2005, possibly even prior, while Nine has continually spent an insane amount on their presentation.

  11. The Voice might contributed a big part to Nine’s win (its 4th in a row) but Seven also has itself to blame. The 90 minute version of Better Homes and Gardens continued to drag down the ratings of Seven’s Thursday line-up (double episodes of Home and Away in Adelaide and Perth don’t help either), while the AFL was outrated for the second Friday in a row by the NRL.
    With Nine expected to win the week of May 20-26 due to The Voice and State of Origin game 1, Seven needs to win this week to put a dent on Nine’s surge. And Seven may have a chance with the premiere of Once Upon a Time plus three big AFL matches (St Kilda v Carlton on Monday, Collingwood v Geelong on Friday and Richmond v Essendon on Saturday). But in the short term Seven needs to fix up its Thursday line-up, first by cutting BH&G back to 60 minutes, then show double episodes of Home and Away in Adelaide and Perth at 6.30pm (replacing Today Tonight) to ensure uniformity after 7.30pm. With Seven still dominating Adelaide and Perth it can afford to rest TT for one night each week.

  12. Time for Seven to up their game and with Once Upon a Time and Downton Abbey premiering in the next 8 days i hope they help. Seven need to fix their news service in the eastern states too. The thing that annoys me most about Nine is one show is helping them win weeks. Its ridiculous but i suppose thats how the ratings go.

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