Paging Dr. House ….and other shows missing in action.

A number of long-running programmes appear to have gone missing from our schedules, mostly due to low ratings and networks battling the impact of The Voice.

This is despite networks having previously touted several as Season Returns.

They include:

Criminal Minds,
How I Met Your Mother

Some of these shows just haven’t returned since Easter non-ratings. What gives?

Many readers continue to ask about a launch date for Once Upon a Time (previously promoted during the Australian Open). And let’s not get started with on-again, off-again plans for Survivor: One World.

Sons of Anarchy on ONE was also scheduled and then yanked.


  1. Hey guys,there’s a reason the Australian viewer is deserting the free to air networks,and you have all just listed them !!! But just wait for some bright spark at the networks to figure out how to create a nonsense show that features a dancing hasbeen celebrity cooking and singing while trying to lose weight. And don’t get me started on how the ratings work,an absolute joke !

  2. harrypotter1994

    The thing I don’t get with the networks is why don’t they utilise their multichannels….House should air on Eleven or One as its certainly not a ratings powerhouse anymore the same with all the CSI’s i reckon….

    Criminal Minds returning in the Easter break was 7’s worst decision in a long time….no wonder it didn’t rate.

    As for HIMYM im suprised it even gets primetime slots as comedy really doesn’t seem to be 7’s thing as witnessed by the late starts for other comedys….

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