Psst… ratings delay

Due to a technical error ratings will be delayed today. OzTAM is yet to advise how long this will be.

Not sure how long but I will update here….

Update: OzTAM advises around 11:30am they will be issues.

Update 2: Will now be 1pm.

Update 3: Now 2pm

Update 4: Now 4pm.

Update 5:30pm: We have lift off!


  1. The tv stations are not happy about some of their tv show ratings and want oztam to look into it. This period with the new reality shows it seems the voice doinf really well, maybe too well, and all the other shows dropping significantly???

  2. ….then after 6.00pm…..then after 08:00pm….the after 10.00pm….i’m now merely interested in tomorrow’s ratings…the moment has passed….

  3. Forgive me if I’m missing something, but does everyone use the same source for TV ratings? Mumbrella is one place that had an article on last night’s TV ratings published by 10am this morning. Are different channels used by those who receive ratings reports?

  4. Secret Squirrel

    There is something distinctly ironic about the release of ratings being continually bumped. Suppose I should be thankful that they haven’t simply been replaced by a repeat of the ratings from a day back in February.

  5. ‘Technical issue’ = networks now more or less have their hands all over the ratings results, and someone with power is upset about how last night’s butt-kicking is making them look, and have chucked a wobbly.

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