Reality check in Wednesday ratings

Ratings: Australia's Got Talent, The Block, MasterChef -there wasn't much loose change last night, just 140,000 between all three.

Australia’s Got Talent, The Block, MasterChef -there wasn’t much loose change last night, just 140,000 difference between all three.

Seven won Wednesday with Seven News (1.32m) as the #1 show for the the night. It was followed by Australia’s Got Talent (1.16m), Today Tonight (1.14m), Home and Away (896,000), Bones (734,000), Deal or No Deal (662,000), The Price is Right (397,000), Jack the Ripper (388,000) and The Amazing Race on just 175,000.

Nine News (1.17m) was best for Nine followed by The Block (1.11m) and ACA (953,000). Celebrity Apprentice Challenge was 729,000, Hot Seat was 616,000.

TEN wasn’t far behind Nine for the night with Masterchef (1.02m), Masterchef: Where Are They Now? (991,000), Offspring (785,000), TEN News (668,000), The Good Wife (489,000) and The Project 6pm (446,000).

ABC trailed the commercials in network share. ABC News was 920,000, Randling was 621,000, 7:30 was 593,000, Wild Life at the Zoo was 551,000, Agony Aunts was 399,000. Laid was a disappointing 336,000.

Wildest India (316,000) was strongest for SBS and Extreme Frontiers: Canada was 312,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 270,000.

Sunrise: 377,000
Today: 309,000
ABC News Breakfast: 33,000 / 22,000
Breakfast: 31,000

Wednesday 9 May 2012

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  1. @russell the bbc are the only channel that benefit from the licence fee itv,channel 4 and five all have to fund themselves and make good drama they also have alot of reality shows but they still manage to make good programmes Australia is very cut throat with its programmes if they dont get the ratings even if the programme is good and doing well overseas?? Until recently there was alot of good programmes coming out of Australia but they all seem to have been cancelled? And for what?? There’s not much new stuff to replace them!

  2. @Bogues; there has been an overwhelming amount of hype in the new seasons of The Amazing Race Australia, I hope it rates better then last year it averaged about 1.1 million which is good but it could do better. Plus, I think about 40,000 people applied for the new season as well. So if that is an indication then it should be popular.

  3. I still haven’t figured out why Seven haven’t moved the (US) Amazing Race to 7mate. If memory serves me correctly, there were getting more numbers at 7:30pm Sunday on 7mate than the ratings they are now. The constant schedule changes for the show are hurting the ratings.

    Hopefully numbers will be better for the Australian version.

  4. @elizajo

    But viewers actually want reality. Check the ratings – all the top shows are reality. Drama and comedy only rate so so nowadays.

    Also, yes, in Oz shows are axed when they don’t rate. It’s much more cutthroat and brutal than the UK industry. BBC1 does not have to sell advertsing to survive. All our networks do.

    Also economies of scale means Aussie networks have less money to spend on original productions. The UK advertising market is three times the size of ours. And BBC gets 10 times the relative fudning that ABC gets

  5. Australian tv must be dire if you’re all bigging up BGT!! When will tv companies realise we want some proper programmes, drama, comedy and such!! Thankfully we make our own home grown drama in the uk as Australia seem to drop theirs when the ratings don’t cut the mustard!! Oz has the talent but it chooses cheap tv over quality!!

  6. I’ve seen most episodes of Britain’s Got Talent that have aired this year and it blows the Australian one to pieces.

    Simon Cowell and David Walliams (of Little Britain and Come Fly With Me fame – now a judge on this show) are flippin hilarious! Kyle, Brian and the lesser known Minogue can’t compete. Also, the talent level on the UK version is amazing whereas the Australian version has not impressed me much at all, apart from Owen Campbell

  7. I hope because Seven has chosen a time for Once Upon a Time that GO! will now be able to play Fringe and maybe Chuck reliably on perhaps Wednesday nights. I’d love it and I would look forward to something each Wednesday. I think it’s now the most boring night of television. Beating Saturday. As at least there’s Star Trek and sometimes documentaries on then. The ABC has gone backwards. Sometimes there’s something on SBS. And I did like Sherlock. Even Titanic was diverting. Now it seems nothing is better. Oh well there are books to read.

  8. Has anyone seen this year’s Britain’s Got Talent live studio shows? The huge set itself warrants a big “wow”.

    If Australia’s Got Talent is to do well next year, it really needs to update their production to be in line with Britain’s Got Talent, and possibly do real live shows instead of pre-recorded ones.

  9. I wonder how the living room will do on friday for Ten. I will be checking it out because fridays are and have been boring for a dam long time and finally something new, just hope its not cheap.
    Man it’s gonna be interesting how being lara bingle goes since nearly every newspaper site on the internet in Aus showed the promo in their vid sections

  10. Would of love to see AGT get higher ratings. I have to say for a first studio episode, I was surprisingly entertained. The production has improved 10-fold. Keep at it!

  11. Interesting night. To me there is way too much reality tv on right now. There is starting to get a fatigue for me. Sunrise had a massive turnaround yesterday. A shame about Bones though. 700k is pretty low. I hope the final next Wednesday night rates higher than that.

    David do you know what the current week to date figures are?

  12. Maybe a bit of reality show fatigue starting to sink in with viewers. Also thanks for posting the morning tv ratings David. Big win for Sunrise yesterday.

  13. Just something I’ve noticed, David. Why do you always mention the Project 6PM rather than 6:30 PM ? 6:30 gets more ratings.

    Congratulations to Ten for winning in the demos!

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