Reminder: Desperate Housewives online spoilers

Beware…’s Spoiler day tomorrow online….

If you are surfing US sites on Monday, you can expect to stumble onto news about the last ever episode of Desperate Housewives.

This is likely to go wide, including beyond entertainment sites.

We’re still some way off the Finale in Australia, due to Seven programming.

The winner of Survivor will also be revealed before the season gets underway on Nine.

I’m not planning to publish any of this info before their Australian screenings.


  1. @danny re your comment ‘but I’ve been more than satisfied with how this season has played out’

    I totally agree with you, and to be honest was really happy with the final outcome today… I feel satisfied after watching this for 8 seasons 🙂

  2. “Desperate Housewives”is indicative of all American series where the last juice is squeezed out of the orange and then it is continually bashed till there is no life left. The series should have ended after season five.Also again critical of Oz channels who take too long to show the series, so anyone interested will know how it ends well before it does.

  3. @ stevie g, the rest of the season really continues to go from pillar to post.

    Don’t get me wrong, the axing of Nicollette Sheridan three years ago was a profound mistake, no matter what the reasons. There hasn’t been a single antagonist since who has measured up to the antics of Edie Britt.

    A lot of people may have written off the show many years ago but I’ve been more than satisfied with how this season has played out.

  4. This season hasn’t rated too well on Seven…no real surprise considering they shafted it to 10pm Thursdays thanks to 90 minute episodes of BH&G

    A far cry from the days it used to get 2 million on Monday nights

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