Renewed: Family Guy, American Dad

Animated comedies Family Guy and American Dad have been renewed through to the 2013-14 television season in the US.

FOX has picked up Family Guy for its 11th season while American Dad, which was picked up for its seventh season in February 2011, now lands an eighth.

Seth McFarlane’s The Cleveland Show was already renewed for a fourth season.

Other FOX animations The Simpsons has already has been renewed for two additional seasons, while Bob’s Burgers was also picked up for a third season earlier this year.

Meanwhile MacFarlane’s planned reboot of The Flintstones is not expected to proceed.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



  1. This is all and evil plot by Seth McFarlane to make us (and FOX) confused as to the season we are up to. From memory Futurama had the same problem, seriously how hard is it to keep official track of the eps/seasons?

  2. What I’d be interested to know is how much these decisions have to do with that ridiculous contract FOX signed with Seth McFarlane. Does that let him keep pumping out seasons with impugnity? Or are ratings still strong? Or does FOX just have nothing else?

    I’ve kinda given up watching FG and AD because 7mate plays them so much I’m never sure when a new one is on or not. Plus the new FGs are very hit and miss. Used to be so good back in season 4/5ish days – absolute gold.

  3. Does anyone know when new episodes of American Dad? will return to 7mate? It’s not on this Sunday (even though it was scheduled this week) as it is being replaced by a double new Family Guy.

  4. Family Guy is now just more gag and sketch centric.

    I still find it amusing though.

    The problem is, i am a few seasons behind on American Dad, even though it’s quite good and more story focused than FG. The thing is, there just isn’t time to watch all these things.

    Simpsons I used to still watch here and there. Haven’t for a couple years.

    Does anyone watch Cleveland though?

  5. I’d be happy if FG, AD, & The Simpsons all got cancelled. I love all three shows, but this season has been terrible for all three (well Simpsons has been terrible for a number of years now). Not into the other two mentioned shows. Would have like to have see The Flintstones remake more than any of these shows.

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