Renewed: Private Practice, Happy Endings, Body of Proof, Gossip Girl.

Axed: Harry's Law, Ringer, Pan Am, Missing, GCB, Secret Circle, The River, and more...

More shows have been renewed and axed in the US.

Happy Endings,
Private Practice,
Body of Proof,
Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23,
Last Man Standing

Parks & Recreation
Up All Night,

The CW:
Gossip Girl,
Hart of Dixie,

GCB (Good Christian Bitches)
The River,
Pan Am,

Harry’s Law,
Are You There, Chelsea?
Best Friends Forever

The CW:
Secret Circle.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I was very disappointed the some of my favorite shows were axed, these included: CSI Miami, Ringer, Unforgettable & Secret Circle.

    But i’m happy that Nikita has been renewed,

    David, do you know if season 2 of Nikita will be shown on GO channel as they only played season 1.

    Lyn in Melbourne

  2. @ Guy.

    Hart of Dixie was renewed because ratings wise its been very consistent week-to-week plus it has regularly improved upon its lead-in Gossip Girl. Secret Circle’s ratings, on the other hand, started strong but have plummeted in the last 6-8 weeks, so much so that it became one of CW’s worst non-Friday performers despite having the plum post Vampire Diaries spot – a spot the network was likely to use to launch another new show.

    @ George.
    Fairly simple. It might’ve been (I think) NBC’s highest rating scripted show as far as viewers go, but it was almost its worst performer as far as demos go.

  3. Awake is excellent. Love it, so disappointed with its axing.
    So too A Gifted Man. The thing i hate about US ratings is the focus on demos. A Gifted Man is one of the highest rating shows on it’s night, and for the network, but it does poor in demos thus it gets axed.

    I liked Ringer, but not surprised it was axed and won’t cry over it.

    Good Christian Bitches, The River and Are You There, Chelsea were all pretty crap shows. Will Seven bother with GCB now? It was one they were advertising heavily before it had even aired in the US.

  4. @steve sydney: I got the impression Seven would play GCB at the beginning of the year thanks to all the short promos they did for it over the summer (“after the tennis”)

    now that it has been axed I doubt they’ll follow through with it, unless they have nothing else for the 9:30 slot on Tuesdays once Missing finishes

  5. How on earth can NBC axe Harry’s Law?
    It’s their highest rated scripted show?
    I personally have never seen it, but I am gobsmacked that they would axe such a high rating show (note: relative to NBC’s other shows. Unfortunately the days of ER, Friends, Frasier, Scrubs, Cheers etc. are over for now).

    I think it’s important to remember that the Australian ratings of an American show don’t have a lot to do with its future on its original US network (apart from the usual simultaneous decrease/incline in ratings), but the ratings here have no real direct impact on the futre of the program in the USA, unless I am missing some important factor, which would not surprise me in the least, haha.

  6. Absolutely shattered that Harry’s Law and The Secret Circle have been axed. Harry’s Law wasn’t even liked by their own network till their second season, and just when they take an interest in it and make mass changes they axe it. Kathy Bates deserve better. Maybe TNT (like they done with Southland after it was axed after two seasons with NBC), Audience Network (Damages and Friday Night Lights were picked up with first run eps, with Friday Night Lights shown on NBC after Audience finished the season – however both shows are finished leaving Audience with a bare schedule) or maybe even Cloo (which has very little original programming) can pick it up. Glad about the renewals of Hart of Dixie, Nikita, Last Man Standing, Private Practice, and Body of Proof.

  7. Disappointing about Ringer, but after the finale of season 1, it was hard to see where season 2 could go.
    I expected Missing to be a one season show by the premise.
    Cougar Town has also been renewed, but not by ABC, it will move to TBS.

  8. I hate this time of year, so many good or promising shows gone before their time.

    ‘Missing’ was set to be a one season show, according to reports. Sad that ‘GCB’ is going, I like it a lot!

    On the plus side ‘Last Man Standing’, (a remake of Home Improvement) but still good, nice to see it back. Some goes for ‘Hart of Dixie’ and ‘Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23’.

    I guess the shows that are now canceled but yet to air here will be burnt off in late night time slots, aka ‘The Whole Truth’ airing on Nine.

  9. That’s a shame about Ringer. As my mother, brother and I were regular viewers, even when it changed to ELEVEN. So will there be any more episodes or was last Monday the last ever episode?

  10. I thought Ringer really picked up in the last few episodes. Would have liked to see it continue. Shame about Harry’s Law too, it deserves better than what it’s getting from Nine (put it on GEM instead of Closer/Rizzoli & Isles repeats!).

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