Renewed: Rules of Engagement

US sitcom Rules Of Engagement has been renewed for a seventh season (it’s been that long?).

CBS has renewed the show for 13 episodes which brings it to 100 episodes, the number required to go into syndication.

The deal ends speculation and weeks of intense talks between CBS and Sony Pictures TV about its future.

While it isn’t yet clear, this almost surely means these will be the final 13 episodes for the comedy.

Rules of Engagement has never really been a big hit in Australia but airs intermittently on TEN.

Source: Deadline


  1. Love this show, specially the interaction between Timmy and Russell, wonderful lines. The introduction of the Tim character enhanced the show no end. The girls are the weakest link, they’re almost irrelevant to most storylines.

  2. I am so glad that Rules of Engagement has been renewed. It is my favourite show and Patrick Warburton is my favourite actor.
    I hope this is not the final season, but if it is, it was a great run. And I hope the next sitcom that Patrick is on will come to TEN.

  3. great news for Eleven who just started airing it so it works out well. the show gets better in the later seasons, I couldn’t get into it at first but it grew on me in the latest seasons.

  4. @ Linkin-Phoenix

    I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if it was 79 episodes with the original Pilot or not. I did remember reading years ago they included something to round to 80 . By the way I do agree with you its really good. I’ve still got the bought video from over 20 years ago that had it as a mix of black and white and colour. Because it was only in 1987 they found the full colour version.

  5. Great news, but I assume it will be a mid-season show again. It has always been a bit of an underdog show, with season lengths averaging 15 eps, but one season did reach 24 eps.
    Would be good if it ended with the wedding of Adam and Jen.
    I noticed last week that ELEVEN are showing new eps on Tuesday nights.

  6. Good but unexpected news. For a show that started the year of the writers’ strike it has done incredibly well. The best thing about it is that they hold back on the big stories, like Adam and Jen’s wedding, and the birth of Audrey and Jeff’s baby. A lot of other sitcoms would have rushed these plots to conclusion, but it is far more satisfying waiting for them to pay off. Glad they got another season.

  7. steve sydney

    I must admit I did pass on this show early on but I did picked up alot for me with the introduction of the Timmy character.

    Plus it still fairs well in the demos here I believe…

  8. @ Craig

    I’m no expert but I’ve read on some U.S. internet sites they still prefer 100 episodes. But they can accept less usually 88 these days. But 100 or more is the magic number. There are exceptions to that that can be above 70 . An old but obvious example is Star Trek: The Original Series with 79 episodes and sometimes 80 because I think they chuck in a special or something.

    A couple of recent examples are Fringe that will have 100 or really 101 episodes. Also Chuck ended up with 91 . Plus there was a sitcom that rated terribly called ‘Til Death that ended up with 81 episodes.

  9. Absolutely love this show. Amazing cast and great writing. Anything by Happy Madison Productions is a slam dunk in my books. I know ELEVEN are currently showing repeats, but hopefully they will show the new eps as TEN have it in varying timeslots

  10. Wonder if the 100th will be the wedding?

    Not the best sitcom around but a guilty pleasure of mine.

    BTW do they still use the 100 ep rule for syndication in the US?

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