Renewed: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, 90210.

The CW has renewed three scripted series ahead of the annual US Upfronts.

US Network The CW has renewed three scripted series The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210.

Supernatural will return for its its eighth season, The Vampire Diaries for its fourth and 90210 for its fifth (despite the latter never firing in Australia).

All three had been expected to return.

There is speculation about other scripted shows from CW with Gossip Girl, Hart Of Dixie and possibly Nikita a good chance for renewals.

But Ringer has had low ratings and star Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays dual roles on the show, is pregnant -which would surely make storylines quite a challenge.

US networks are about to announce their 2012 Upfronts, indicating their 2012/2013 plans.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Eleven should strip 90210 at 1pm. It should pair well with Charmed. Then encore it after Craig Ferguson each weeknight. Teens who haven’t downloaded it, would be able to record it or just wait for the DVDs.

  2. Eleven already tried airing 90210 back when it first launched on fridays at 7:30 and they pulled it after one airing. Terrible ratings for a terrible show

    Melrose Place (the remake) was a lot better. The characters of Jonah and Ella from that show were single handedly better than anything 90210 ever did

  3. The best thing Eleven can do with 90210, that they’re ridiculously 3 seasons behind, is to show it at an 11 or 11.30 pm timeslot on a Saturday and show it in double or even triple episodes for the next 8 months.

  4. I won’t stand for The Secret Circle bashing!

    I enjoy the show, plus it’s employing a few Aussies at the moment. Although as a Network I can not stand the CW… most of their shows are under performing and that’s due to poor programming. After the Xmas break there have been 3-4 ‘hiatus’ breaks averaging 2-4 weeks each this year. That’s driving the audience away.

  5. I wonder if they’ll be for 24 episodes. Because they wanted 24 episodes for Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries as well as others as they wanted that many episode this season. But it was too last minute to accommodate. They did increase Supernatural to 23 episodes however.

  6. Well yippee 90210 has been renewed, now we can be 4 seasons behind instead of 3 🙁 So far ten have only aired the first season I have repeatedly asked them when they plan to put it back on but get the standard We don’t know we’ll let u know when we do.

    SMGs pregnancy was written into Ringer I do not think it will be renewed and I’m very annoyed about the way it ended.

  7. Well it is hard for a show to fire if it isn’t shown(come on Foxtel put it on FOX8),I enjoyed the new 90210 and I didn’t think I would as I was a fan of the original. I know if I lived in the US I would watch The CW a lot as most of the shows on are favourites, Gossip Girl,Heart of Dixie. I think Gilmore Girls and Everwood were on this channel as well back in the day.

    It is a shame Ringer isn’t doing well I enjoy it and am glad it has move to a slightly earlier time slot
    on 11.

  8. The Now Finished One Tree Hill also had a Dodgy Run in Australia, When Channel Ten first aired it Two Nights a Week, we thought it’s gonna follow The OC’s lead as a ratings smash, but when Ten first tooked it off air back in late January 2005 for Simpsons Repeats, It never Recovered and Die-Hard Fans had to Download and buy DVD’s of the Seasons and the final episode of the Series aired in the US Four Weeks Ago.And Season 8 is already out on DVD in Australia And I Want The Network Ten Programming Department to Reinstate 90210 too.

  9. Gossip Girl’s latest ep got a 0.6 in the demo, actually. And the quality of the latest episodes has been fantastic, especially the recent plot surrounding Chuck’s family

    I’m happy VD and SPN got renewals, two great shows. I would like a new season for Nikita but wouldn’t be sad if it got axed. Same for Ringer

    I hope they axe Secret Circle, terrible show

  10. “90210 for its fifth (despite the latter never firing in Australia).”

    Only the first season has been shown on Australian TV first partially on Ten and then the whole season on Eleven.

  11. “underdog” and “half the audience” is putting it very lightly. Gossip Girl is regularly getting well under a million viewers and as low as 0.4 on 18-49. that show would probably be axed in australia with those ratings, where the 5-city metro has a population of 13.5 million. for the show to be considered for renewal in a country of over 300mil speaks volumes of that network’s standards.

  12. Although The CW are like TEN in that they are the underdog and get half the amount of ratings compared to the other FTA networks (FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC), they have some amazing shows. 90210, Gossip Girl, The Secret Circle, Nikita, and Hart of Dixie are amazing shows, and they appeal past the channels key demo (teens-20’s) – with people in their 40’s loving TSC, HoD and Nikita (with the later understandable seems though it was originally produced in Canada for older audiences). I just wish TEN would take a note out of their book and see that they should focus more on what viewers want (e.g. a show to be shown in a constant timeslot).

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