Returning: Camp Orange

 iCarly‘s Jennette McCurdy joins Nickelodeon Australia’s Luke & Wyatt as a celebrity guest host for the next season of reality adventures series Camp Orange.

This season pits Boys against Girls in gender battles (is that considered politically incorrect for tweens?).

“I’m so pumped to be back in Australia, out in the Aussie bush to host Camp Orange alongside my buddies Luke and Wyatt. There are loads of slimy, messy challenges lined up…the girls team and I are going to kick some boy butt!” says McCurdy.

In the lead-up to the premiere of Camp Orange: Girls V Boys, Luke and Wyatt will host Camp Orange Confidential every afternoon at 5pm from Monday 18 June, taking kids behind the scenes and giving them an exclusive look inside the crazy life at Camp. And in another series first, some celebrity mentors will completely surprise the kids by turning up at Camp to guide them through some tough, slimy challenges.

Singing sensation Reece Mastin, the first celeb off the rank, will give the boys an X-factor edge in the Scavenger Hunt challenge in episode three, premiering Tuesday July 10 at 5pm.

This season’s lucky teams of best friends were once again chosen from thousands of audition entries from kids across Australia and NZ. The chosen teams, Ballistic Belly Buttons (WA), Bulldozers (VIC), Grizzly Girls (NSW) and Mega Monkeys (SA), proved that they had the goods to go to battle, with the four teams forming into two, to become Girls V Boys.

As in previous seasons, the true Camp Orange spirit will continue to be celebrated as each team aspires to be crowned Champ Orange, awarded to the best and fairest team of the series. Traditionally voted for by their peers, this season Campers can nominate themselves to take home the Champ Orange title, putting each team to the ultimate test of friendship and fairness. Although Campers will play and win challenges as girls against boys, they will still vote for and win Champ Orange as individual teams.

Loads of extra content will be online to keep viewers immersed in the world of Camp Orange: Boys V Girls, and kids at home will once again have the chance to win great prizes by watching and spotting the code words in the show then entering them online at The Nick Shack,

Tuesday June 26 at 5pm.

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