Returning: Highway Patrol, Border Security, The Force

Seven has now settled on factual shows for Mondays and Tuesdays.

With Seven shifting Australia’s Got Talent on Wednesdays from next week, it has now settled on factual shows for Mondays and Tuesdays.

Highway Patrol returns with a double episode at 7:30pm next Monday May 7th.

A serious high speed head-on collision has left people trapped in both cars with serious injuries. The injured are airlifted to hospital and it takes some time to decipher the events from the chaos of the crash scene. But it becomes clear that what happened is every driver’s great fear – a driver overtaking illegally straight into the path of the oncoming car. Meanwhile, a driver is caught doing 110kmh in a 70kmph zone. But he is so drunk he can’t blow a breath test. Then, a driver caught speeding is so angry he speeds off from the intercept, giving himself another ticket.

On Tuesday May 8th there is a new episode of Border Security at 7:30pm and The Force at 8pm.

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  1. Southpatt: No sadly Megan De Winne isn’t in season 3, it’s already aired here in the UK (bizarrely) and she was not present. Shame as really she’s the best thing in it, certainly the biggest character and excellent at her job. TV companies have a terrible habit of removing the most popular element of a show if it’s (unexpectedly) getting more attention than the broadcast as a whole, judging by her Facebook following that was clearly the case. Or of course she may have declined to appear, I think that’s unlikely though given the radio interview she gave at the time. Oh well Higway Patrol is now just another one of the myriad of international traffic cop shows out there. I can take it or leave it. Think I’ll probably leave it.

  2. Its not a surprise really but i am really really disappointed Seven are yet to show Criminal Minds, Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time. Where are they? Criminal Minds turned up on a Wednesday during the Easter break with a new episode then it was no where to be seen. Surely with a 1.5m+ lead in from Talent it will do a lot better than its first outing. Putting Bones one week then Revenge the next then Bones again the following week is really starting to annoy me.

  3. Considering that I have heard that some people said that they tuned into ch 9 on Sunday for the Voice only to find it not on (It was cleary advertised a bit that The Block will be on Sundays @ 6:30pm and the Voice was to continue from Monday), I wonder if people will say they tuned into ch 7 for AGT only to find that factuals are on instead? Perhaps. Thanks to TV Tonight, we know when most changes occur in the tv schedules for 7,9, 10, ABC, SBS and their multichannels.

    The factuals will no doubt do worse than AGT especially in demos. They will likely hurt Rafters and Revenge however if you are a loyal fan, who cares what the lead in is. As a Rafter fan, I do not care whats on before it and it should not be a big deal. The factuals could help Nine win by 20% next Monday and Tuesday could fall into Nine’s lap but like Sunday, it will be close. Nine could win Sunday easier if they have double eps of the Mentalist and then put it on at 9:30pm following Tricky Business. I feel Nine will make changes to Sundays soon.

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