Returning: Numb3rs

The sixth and final season of Numb3rs returns to TEN this week, an eternity after it premiered in the US: September 2009.

A determined sniper leads Don and his team on a cat-and-mouse chase as they struggle to protect former radical, Benjamin Polk.

It premieres 10:30pm Wednesday May 9th.


  1. Wow. This is one of my favourite shows and I bought season six on DVD ages and ages ago. I gave up on watching it on TV, didn’t even realize it hadn’t been aired. It’s a good season though!

  2. 2009!!!! Why on earth did they wait 3 years to air it? This is not going to rate, true fans would have obtained from the various sources available.

  3. @Vinny we are still waiting for the last eps of Medium. I thought we would see them after the repeats finished airing but no such luck 🙁

  4. While they’re at it, what are the odds they’ll play Dollhouse and Melrose Place on Eleven at 10:30 or so? They’re two damn good shows and would rate better than Craig bloody Ferguson. I’ve already seen them both, but they should still air them.

  5. I’m pretty sure Ten only had around three episodes of this season left to air before they yanked it indefinitely

    Good to see it back but wouldn’t be surprised if it got pulled…again

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