Returning: RPA

Nine’s returns medical factual RPA to screen at the end of the month, with more stories from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

The series is again narrated by Australian actor and artist, Max Cullen.

In the first program we meet Sylvia, a seven-year-old girl from Africa whose story we will follow throughout the series. We also meet three new patients each facing a life-changing medical condition.

Sylvia has just one wish – to walk. With a story reminiscent of Safari, RPA’s most memorable patient, this young African girl was severely burnt as an infant. Her injuries have left her unable to walk, and for her whole life her parents have had to carry her everywhere she goes. In part one of Sylvia’s story, the dedicated surgeons at RPA offer their time and expertise trying to make her dream of walking come true.

Sam, a 20-year-old student, has endured five months of headaches, nausea and fever. His doctors suspect lymphoma, a form of cancer, but he must undergo an operation to confirm the diagnosis. Sam puts on a brave face as he tackles the nervous wait to determine his future.

Danielle is pregnant with her third child, a baby boy she has already named Harry. But an incompatible blood type means they both have a fight on their hands. The longer he stays in the womb, the more unwell he could become. But to be born too soon could lead to devastating results.

He is only 48, but years of playing sport have worn away Rodney’s knees. The only way to rid him of the pain he faces every day is to undergo a double knee replacement. But the doctors warn him that having both knees done at once will require nerves of steel.

Wednesday, May 30, at 9.30pm on Nine.


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