Seven snatches ratings win back from Nine

Nine's four week run of ratings wins has ended, with Seven toppling its rival in Total People.

Seven has snatched back a ratings win after Nine has enjoyed four weeks in a row.

Seven Network won with 30.0% to Nine 28.3%, TEN 20.0%, ABC 16.8%, SBS 4.9%.

Seven won every night of the week except Monday which fell to Nine. But Nine won key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven’s primary channel was 22.6%, then Nine 22.0%, TEN 14.2%, ABC1 13.0%, SBS ONE 4.1%.

7TWO led multichannels with 4.1%, followed by GO! 3.9%, ELEVEN 3.4%, 7mate 3.3%, Gem 2.4%, ABC2 and ONE both on 2.3%, ABC News 24 and SBS TWO both on 0.8% and ABC3 0.7%.

Seven News (Sun: 1.4m) was Seven’s best performer followed by Once Upon a Time (1.35m), Seven News (weeknights: 1.29m, Sat: 1.22m), Packed to the Rafters (1.22m) and Dancing with the Stars (1.21m).

The Voice was again the top show for the week with 2.2m viewers. Next best for Nine were Nine News (Sun: 1.52m), The Block (the highest being Sun: 1.44m), Nine News (weeknights: 1.21m) and 60 Minutes (1.15m). Tricky Business premiered well on 976,000.

Bikie Wars landed in the top 10 for TEN with 1.26m viewers. TEN’s other performers were MasterChef (the highest being 1.15m), Bikie Wars: Here and Now (988,000), Offspring (778,000) and Modern Family (777,000).

New Tricks was strongest for ABC1 with 1.22m, then ABC News (Sat: 997,000, weeknights: 995,000), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (903,000), ABC News (Sun: 876,000) and The Diamond Queen (873,000).

Wildest India (333,000) topped SBS ONE, followed by Easter Island Underworld (319,000) and Extreme Frontiers: Canada (289,000).

Seven was first in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth while Nine won Sydney and Brisbane. ABC defeated TEN on Saturday night.

This week the first State of Origin on Wednesday night sees Seven moving Australia’s Got Talent to Thursday in Sydney and Brisbane.

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  1. The first episode of Once Upon a Time is alright but it after that the quality drops tremendously – I’d be will to put a big wager that this will sink to 700 or below in 3 weeks.

  2. @Guy

    Nine winning total shares this week is definitely not a certainty with SoO. They didn’t win any weeks last year and IIRC, they didn’t win any of the three SoO weeks in 2010 either.

    They will definitely win Brisbane and Sydney (as they have every origin week in the past few years). That’s a given.

  3. To be fair, congratulations Seven for the ratings win. I’m glad it was the week that premiered Once Upon A Time. Also that it was the highest rated show 1 hour long on the channel.

  4. Looking at the figures Nine should sort out GEM, might help it over the finish line, just. All the shows that have gone MIA recently, too many repeats. Maybe a couple of encores, Tricky Business for example. Competition is good for us viewers.

  5. @tmorgan

    No it won’t. This upcoming week has Voice and State of Origin. Nine are certainties. It will be the week following the upcoming one that will show who really has it. Nine are doing well at the moment but when The Voice disappears in the middle of June so will that big share it has on Monday.

    To the week at hand, it just shows yes Nine won the demos (albeit mainly due to The Voice) and had 2.2m watch The Voice but Seven got the win thanks to a great overall week. A win is a win. It shows the holes in Nine’s schedule. Seven had good wins all week and people are tuning in to them. This week will be interesting to see how people took to Once Upon a Time but Seven should win every night except Monday and Wednesday. Nine will take this week there is no doubt but its the week after this one that will show the true colours.

  6. @Moanique,
    Nine hasn’t been inconsistent at all recently. It’s winning demos, which is important, and is rating well in comparison to recent times. Meanwhile, Seven seems to be shuffling shows across the board in order to win back some share.

    Whether it was Seven’s shuffling or Nine’s smash-hit only airing once a week which got Seven back to number one in total viewers is important. Once Upon A Time has premiered well- can it maintain those numbers? Is revising the schedule a good thing for Seven? No and no. Next week will tell us where the momentum is heading.

  7. I’m wondering with The Voice if Nine will be a one trick pony this year, with the occasional other show or special that will rate, even TBBT has slipped in recent week and this week is the season final until Sept/Oct.

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