TEN to amend I Will Survive prize as Priscilla announces Broadway closure

TEN will amend the prize for upcoming talent series I Will Survive following the announcement that Priscilla The Musical will close on Broadway next month after a run of about 16 months.

The show has earned about $45 million in its time on the boards. It will head out on a national tour early next year, launching in Minneapolis next January.

The prize for I Will Survive has been a point of discussion since the show was announced.

While TEN announced it as offering a Broadway opportunity, including training in the role of ‘Tick’, many media (this one included) presumed it led to a role in the show on Broadway. But with US unions likely to block import actors, the detail was in the fine print.

TEN and FremantleMedia only ever stipulated an opportunity to showcase talents on Broadway, which turned out to be a “promo performance” with the cast. But they have stumped up with a $250,000 cash prize and three weeks in New York to meet with agents.

TEN is now understood to be rethinking the performance part of the New York episodes given the Broadway show is closing.

A spokesperson tells TV Tonight, “It’s unfortunate news but that’s the nature of show business and we were aware this was a possibility. The journey of the contestants is the back bone of this program. Our winner will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in NYC, along with the massive $250,000 cash prize. Further detail shortly.”

I Will Survive is to be hosted by Hugh Sheridan with judge Stephan Elliot and will air later this year.

Priscilla the Musical┬áis still on stage in Italy and Brazil, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring as a chance on Broadway.


  1. steve sydney

    I don’t think this makes the show pointless as such. The premise of the show from the start should’ve been “Search for the next Theatre star”

    Who knows, perhaps the show will revive interest and create a new tour round Australia. Let’s just wait and see yeah?

  2. Looks like Hugh has made the wrong decision. Without the broadway prize what is the point of the show? This will end up like Don’t Stop Believing.

  3. Sounds like this show will be dead in the water before it even begins. Without the “Broadway” prize, the whole thing becomes fairly pointless.

    Shame really, it was an interesting idea.

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