The Block strong on Sunday but Seven wins the night

Ratings: The Block was ahead of MasterChef and Dancing with the Stars, but Seven won the night overall.

In Sunday’s Reality battles it was The Block that was ahead of MasterChef and Dancing with the Stars, but Seven won the night overall.

The Block pulled 1.43m viewers, with MasterChef on 1.15m and Dancing with the Stars on 1.11m. All three were pushing the drama with Dan and Dani using a bonus point to win Nine’s Room Reveal, TEN choosing its Top 24 contestants and Seven’s dramatic withdrawal by Shannon Noll.

Seven News was 1.42m, Bones was 886,000 and Castle was 645,000.

Nine won from 6pm – 8:30pm with Nine News on 1.52m and 60 Minutes at just under 1.2m. The Mentalist was 724,000, and Unforgettable was 403,000.

TEN’s other fare for Sunday were Modern Family (785,000), New Girl (620,000) and Touch (589,000). FIA Formula One was 332,000 in 3 cities on TEN.

ABC trailed the commercials with ABC News its best on 876,000 then The Diamond Queen (873,000), Midsomer Murders (760,000), Compass (360,000) and Auction Room (247,000).

Easter Island Underworld topped SBS ONE with 319,000 followed by Prophets of Science Fiction (241,000) and World News Australia (216,000).

The Big Bang Theory led multichannels with 326,000.

Sunday 13 May 2012.

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  1. So 2 different shows with the same name, on the same channel at the same time in different cities(The footy show) have their figures consolidated….. But the same show on 2 different channels at the same time arent consolidated……. makes perfect sense to me……. Not!

    Not that i really care i want Ten to give up the F1 rights…. but the logic in that is stupid!

    I had a look the other day and New Zealand have better coverage of the F1 than Australia do!! All because they have Sky Sports…. They get to see all the SkyUK coverage…. Practise Sessions, GP2, GP3, Qualifying & Race all Live & in HD….. almost makes me want to move over there!

    I know people always comment and say that we dont need all the extra coverage but what is the harm in having it…. I for 1 like watching all the practise sessions (4 hours of coverage just of F1 alone that we miss in australia every race weekend…. let alone the rest of the coverage)

    Please Please Please Channel 10 give up the rights….. or share it with Fox Sports!! Show qualifying & the race live on Ten (or One) & Let Foxtel have the rest!!!!!!! Its working in the UK.

    Sorry that was long winded! End of Rant! I know no one listens to me but its nice to vent!

  2. Was the F1 not on in the other cities? Or are the totals of Ten & One not added together even though it is a simulcast?

    Also really annoyed at the advertising all day for The Block….. “for the first time in history one team will use their bonus point to steal a win”…. Couldnt they just say “Could a team use their bonus point”. I heard that during WWOS in the morning and all afternoon… Kinda gave away what was going to happen.

  3. Seems like Touch won’t last the distance. I would think it needs to take one of the 9.30 NCIS repeat slots through the week.

    Good to see the final seasons of Numbers and House getting their run to the end (albeit very quickly now). Can’t believe fans of Medium (and I am not one fo them) having to endure replays of two previous seasons and then they cut it from the 10.30 slot at a time when the unseen episodes are about due to air. Perhaps after Numbers finishes, they could do the same with the remaining eps of Medium.

  4. Can you please break down how Seven won the night? Nine News did 1.52 (which is news in of itself), Bones beat Mentalist by relatively small margins. Surely the battle of the dramas under a million in the 2 hours post 8.30 can not be classified as a win by any means.

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