The Block wins Reality face-off but Seven takes out Wednesday

Ratings: Nine's renovation series was ahead of TEN's cook-off and Seven's talent quest, but Seven won Wednesday night.

For thirty minutes last night three Reality TV shows squared off against one another: The Block, MasterChef and Australia’s Got Talent.

And that’s the way they finished up in the rankings, with Nine’s renovation series again #1 for the night on 1.33m, with TEN’s cook-off at 1.09m and Seven’s talent quest at 1.02m.

Seven took out the night thanks also to Seven News (1.32m), Today Tonight (1.19m) both of which beat Nine’s offerings, but Home and Away was again in fourth on 888,000. The Amazing Race Australia premiered with 886,000 at 9pm. Deal or No Deal was 648,000 but The Price is Right was just 339,000.

Nine’s other shows were Nine News (1.2m), ACA (1.08m), Big Bang (878,000), The Mentalist (737,000), Hot Seat (621,000), RPA (599,000) and Embarrassing Bodies (344,000).

TEN’s other shows included Offspring (867,000), TEN News (762,000), The Good Wife (517,000) and The Project 6pm (480,000).

ABC continued its underperforming Wednesdays with ABC News (983,000), 7:30 (647,000), Wild Life at the Zoo (515,000), Randling (488,000), Agony Aunts (309,000), At the Movies (232,000) and Laid languished behind on a dismal 228,000.

Extreme Frontiers Canada was 294,000 for SBS ONE with Predators in Your Backyard on 249,000. Letters and Numbers was 174,000.

All New Simpsons topped multichannels with 348,000.

The Morning Show: 169,000
Mornings: 97,000
The Circle: 52,000

Wednesday 30 May 2012

8 Responses

  1. Peter West wrote a piece on online opinion.com.au on Randling and the whole tenor of ABC.
    Why are there so many insistent ads for the worst shows? Whoever is in charge of promos needs to be made to sit through ABC TV every Wednesday night for a month.

    Likewise, ABC FM heavily promotes the silliest and most obnoxious shows. A bit like Aunt Maud nagging us to take our castor oil every night. There was trenchant criticism on the discussion at the end of the same article on the policy of broadening the tastes of ABC Classic FM listeners. 2 MBS and 2MBS and Bavarian Classik Radio do far better. You can get them on the net.

    It would be interesting getting a Freedom of Information notice to find out what decisions are made, by whom, about what priorities are decreed by the ABC Powers that Be. e.g., “They need to be aware that…” or “People must realise that…”. Shades of “1984” !!!

  2. I’ve tried, I really have but Laid is unbearable to watch. Alison Bell would have to be the most annoying personality on tv and if the makers can’t see that, more fool them. If this gets a third series, shame on the ABC. Get people making programs who know what they’re doing and can tell stories, please. Patience is wearing thin!

  3. We didn’t watch any of the main channels last night, although I recorded RPA and The Good Wife. GEM, SBS and ONE were our choices. We try and avoid as much reality TV as possible!

  4. I wonder why Offspring went up last night? It was a poor episode and the ads weren’t very enticing. Were these episodes filmed during Kat Stewart’s maternity leave? The show is at its strongest when Kat and Asher are sharing scenes, so I hope she will be back, and not just via skype.

  5. David, keep on putting up Price is Right figures, want to see how low it’ll get before Seven does something.

    They better not axe it before putting better prices like when the show was on Channel Nine.

    Brodie Young is a sh*t voice guy, John Deeks should take over!

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