The Voice slips under 2m mark

Last night The Voice slipped under the 2m margin for the first time.

Preliminary OzTAM data indicates it pulled 1.93m viewers, a long way of its Blind Audition high of 2.8m -but still an outstanding result no matter how you carve it up. The show also ran 18 minutes overtime, meaning its numbers are expected to be adjusted to 1.91m.

Nine had a strong night thanks also to The Block (1.32m), Nine News (1.26m), ACA (1.18m).

Tricky Business also started late. While preliminary numbers are 940,000, it is expected to be adjusted to 744,000. Nine once again sent out a dubious Press Release on the figures claiming it “peaked at 1.91m viewers” knowing full well the show started late. Spin, spin, spin…..Elsewhere, Hot Seat was 642,000.

Seven News (1.42m) led for Seven then Revenge (1.35m), Today Tonight (1.17m), The Force (1.02m), Border Security (838,000), Deal or No Deal (773,000), Body of Proof (625,000) and The Price is Right (415,000).

TEN’s Masterchef pipped the magic million at 1.02m. TEN News was 721,000, Bondi Vet was 536,000, NCIS was 467,000, The Project 6pm was 450,000 and NCIS: LA was 440,000.

ABC News (991,000) topped ABC1 then Australian Story (698,000), Four Corners (651,000), 7:30 (643,000), Media Watch (587,000) and Q & A (581,000).

On SBS ONE it was Mythbusters (192,000), World News Australia (152,000) and Bite Me with Dr. Mike Leahy (150,000).

Neighbours was strongest on multichannels with 351,000 for ELEVEN.

Sunrise: 411,000
Today: 342,000
ABC News Breakfast: 39,000 / 26,000
Breakfast: 22,000

Monday 21 May 2012


  1. @brekkie, I read an article on the Daily Mail website a couple of days ago where the BBC has advised the producers of the The Voice that it needs 3M viewers more than it is getting for the show to remain viable. Three million extra viewers is a huge ask, I don’t know how they are going to achieve it. Apparently, the collapse in ratings in the UK version has been disastrous.

  2. Looks like The Voice live shows are experiencing the same issues – and collapse in ratings – as here in the UK and in virtually every other version around the world.

  3. @Victor, yeah, I saw that on Mumbrella this morning as well. Real ratings of Tricky Business was 744k, down from 980K last week, so it last a quarter of its audience in one week. Nine don’t really hold their nerve well in situations like this, so it could bite the dust quickly.

  4. The media buyers are not fooled by network press releases and Mumbrella today noted what the real ratings were for Tricky Business. The problem seems to be that it looks like a series written by committee with silly, stop gap storylines and nobody in it who is particularly interesting. It tries to be all things to all people and ends up satisfying nobody. I don’t rate its chances once The Voice has gone, even in a friendlier spot. Another drama seems to have bitten the dust at Nine.

  5. Ha ha! @Secret Squirrel – “despicable”?? Child abuse is despicable. Genocide is despicable. A network overstating the Ratings a bit? I agree it’s pathetic and deceitful but lets leave the desperate hyperbole to them!

  6. The Voice ratings are dropping each week. That must be why ACA keeps doing stories on Seven shows. They’ve done the story on DWTS being rigged for KAK to win ( wrong), then last night they did the story on how Sevens nasty judges have become nice to try to match the nice judges on The Voice. The judges on Sevens talent shows are far more honest and believable than any of the judges on The Voice.

  7. @Trix – I agree, to condemn someone on the ground of there religious beliefs is not only stupid but illegal, you wouldn’t expect a Orthodox Jew to have pork would you or Hindus with beef?

  8. I understand Nine wanting to give Tricky Business the best possible lead-in, but it’s ridiculous starting a ‘family drama’ so late.

    Personally I would have liked to see it in the Sunday 6:30 timeslot, or at 7:30 on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

  9. Secret Squirrel

    Claiming a peak of 1.91m for Tricky Business is despicable. They put that statement out knowing that it wasn’t true but seem quite comfortable telling an outright lie. Aren’t there any standards in journalism and marketing any more?

  10. I haven’t watched it but a 9.47pm start for a show like Tricky Business is way too late. I don’t think 9 realise that a massive chunk of The Voice’s audience will simply go to bed after The Voice finishes.

  11. Tricky Business is being advertised as a ‘Rafters’ clone – the audience most likely to watch it aren’t tuning in.

    As for The Voice – average singers, poor song choices. The producers really need to choose their target market and plan accordingly. Let’s be frank, if one of the middle-aged wins it, they don’t have a future in ‘modern pop music’ (Damian Leith anyone?); and none of the younger entrants will cut it.

    And what on earth was going on with Delta’s hair and make up last night?

  12. steve sydney

    Wait … Nine are trying to fool media buyers into thinking Tricky Business peaked at 1.91 million?

    How insulting to the intelligence of media buyers. I can see Nine’s Monday nights crumbling from here on out.

  13. Masterchef was really good last night. Oh my God, that amazing 8 textured chocolate cake they had to cook – I would have fled the kitchen screaming in fear. Peter Gilmore strikes again, first the Snow Egg and now this astonishing cake! I am enjoying this lot of contestants much more than last years dreary bunch.

    Tricky Business sounds like it may be dead in the water because with the Voice overruns, it is not going to pick up much of an audience as it is starting too late.

  14. @Craig, I happened to catch a couple of minutes of the ACA slag-off story last night, where they asserted that Masterchef was promoting some cooks more than others (shock, horror), and in the tone of voice they seem to reserve just for putting the boot into minority groups,stated that ‘Amina, a practising Muslim, refused to taste pork’. Just appalling!

  15. it was just a matter of time.i guess the biggest gimmick about the show was the red chairs turning around when the judges could not see the singers now that’s gone its just another talent show and the talent is not that great as last night proved. most were a flop, prinie was a disappointment the best standout was diana fouras.the male singers are ordinary

  16. Would I be correct in saying 9’s Tricky Business has shed @ 25% of viewers, based on last weeks ‘adjusted’ figure of 987,000 and last night’s ‘adjusted’ figure of 744,000?

    That ain’t good…

    And does it seem that 7’s decision to schedule Price is Right at 5pm is giving Deal or No Deal a much better audience lead in? Or were last night’s figures between 5 & 6 an anomaly?

  17. I’d say the numbers slipping for The Voice is poetic justice considering the story ACA had last night 😆 as for Tricky Business, it might already be on the way out, having a start time close to 10pm is not helping even with the huge lead in from TV.

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