Upfronts 2012: FOX

It's that time of year when the US networks announce their Fall schedules to advertisers.

It’s that time of year when the US networks announce their Fall schedules to advertisers.

FOX announced a four-comedy block on Tuesdays, introducing Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project. This move effectively bumps the fourth season of Glee to Thursdays.

In addition to new comedies on Tuesday, FOX also is introducing a new drama series, medical drama The Mob Doctor, penned by Drop Dead Diva‘s Josh Berman and Robert Wright. It is taking over the Monday 9 PM slot currently occupied by House. FOX’s other newly picked up drama series, Kevin Williamson’s The Following starring Kevin Bacon, will also premiere on Monday in midseason.

Touch will relocate to Fridays (never a good sign), paired with the departing Fringe.

8-9 Pm Bones
9-10 Pm The Mob Doctor (New)
The Following (New) joins in midseason.

8-8:30 Pm Raising Hope
8:30-9 Pm Ben And Kate (New)
9-9:30 Pm New Girl
9:30-10 Pm The Mindy Project (New)
The Goodwin Games (New) joins in midseason.

8-10 Pm The X Factor (Fall) / American Idol (Midseason)
8-9 Pm The X Factor Results (Fall)/American Idol Results (Midseason)
9-10 Pm Glee

8-9 Pm Touch
9-10 Pm Fringe (Fall)
Hell’s Kitchen returns in midseason.

7-10:30 PM Fox Sports Saturday (fall)
Cops returns in midseason.
Animation Domination High-Def (new) will join late-prime in 2013.

7-7:30 Pm NFL Game (Fall) / Animation Domination (Encores)
7:30-8 Pm The OT(Fall) / The Cleveland Show
8-8:30 Pm The Simpsons
8:30-9 Pm Bob’s Burgers
9-9:30 Pm Family Guy
9:30-10 Pm American Dad

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Deadline

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  1. Touch was lucky to be renewed, in some ways premiering mid-season possibly saved it as its ratings have been steadily declining since premiering. It’ll be interesting whether it can find a stable audience base on a less competitive night.

  2. I watched the trailers for the new FOX shows and I like the look of them!

    The Goodwin Games looks pretty good, it’s made by the creators of HIMYM. But the surprise for me was “The Mob Doctor”, which they plan to air Mondays at 9pm in House’s old slot. The trailer looked bloody fantastic!!

  3. Oooo I like that you are doing this. I also like you’re doing FOX first. ‘Cos I assume you know about the NBC one. I’ll admit looking at the TVLine version of this year with last year I’m glad I’m in Australia. As there’s usually nothing on especially early in the week. I guess that’s why they like cable. Although I have heard they also have local digital channels too.

    The only thing I care to comment on is Friday. I’m glad Fringe is still there. Also Touch will either end up being similar to Fringe or possibly the death slot will continue its name. Time will tell. I agree it doesn’t bode well.

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