Vale: Edith Bliss

80s pop singer turned TV Edith Bliss has died after a long illness, aged 53.

Bliss had a hit single with If It’s Love You Want in 1979 followed by two more singles ‘Heart of Stone’ and ‘Two Single Beds’ before releasing her album ‘Sheer Bliss’ in 1980.

But she swapped a music career for TV becoming a presenter on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World.

Jonathan Coleman, who interviewed Bliss for Wonder World as she launched her debut single said, “She had that huge smile and was just a great person to be around.

“I remember when she was on Countdown and it was her birthday. Molly got me to bring a cake onto the set and kept trying to make me throw it at her live on air.

“She knew something was going on and said she would kill me if I threw it at her. She was always funny, always bubbly.”

Simon Townsend said he was “very, very sad” to lose his friend and “one of my favourite reporters on Wonder World”.

In 2006, as Edith Tanner, she appeared on the final Wheel of Fortune and won.

Bliss married Wonderworld sound mixer Mark Tanner and had four children who also spoke of their love for her on Facebook yesterday.

“Today the world lost a wonderful mother, a compassionate friend and one hell of a woman. She passed very peacefully early this morning and her infectious spirit will be missed by all. You’re with the angels now, Mum,” her daugher Eden Tanner posted.

Source: Daily Telegraph, Noise11


  1. Agree with everyone else. As a young boy i remember her smile and it was so genuine. It was long ago and have not seen her since but she is one of the few who you cannot forget. She was beautiful in every way.

  2. As soon as I read Edith Bliss I knew exactly who she is, that shows how much she was beloved by her fans. Wonder World was a great show for kids and Edith one of the standouts, like other comments her laugh and beautiful bright smile is what I remember first.

    My deepest sympathy to her family.

  3. daveinprogress

    Very said news – I too enjoyed her records and her cute personality. She worked at the ABC in the 90’s on that short lived entertainment show (i can;t recal its title) that they tried in the 6pm slot for several months.Everyone had nice things to say about her. Wonder World was a terrific show
    Edith’s family have lost a special human being.

  4. Now I am sad! I loved Edith Bliss, I thought she was so pretty with the gorgeous blonde curls and a lovely smile. In fact I loved her so much I actually have her single and on occasions I still play it. Thanks David for acknowleging the passing of not just big stars but the lesser known personalities who are still rememberd fondly by many of us.

  5. steveany 2.0

    Oh no! That’s so sad.
    I loved her on ‘Simon Townsend’s Wonder World” -I was a young schoolboy when she joined the show. She was just so cute and funny and was the first girl I saw in colour on our new Colour TV set! Very sad. So young too.
    My deepest sympathy to her family.

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