WIN TV weatherman Peter Byrne to retire

WIN TV regional weather presenter Peter Byrne is retiring after 22 years in the business.

Byrne, who is a former meteorologist, announced the news to Queensland viewers on Monday night’s news.

WIN State News director Phil Hind told Toowoomba Chronicle, “Peter has become a part of our lives and his knowledge has helped shepherd communities through some of the worst Mother Nature has dished up over the years.

“Peter has never sensationalised his forecasts.

“He has always known that what the people of regional Queensland need more than anything is the unvarnished facts.”

In March Byrne dismissed weather reports from Sydney as “unprofessional claptrap” ahead of an intense storm and winds in excess of 100kph demolishing parts of Townsville. Byrne was absent the following two nights amid media reports he stormed out after a disagreement with someone within WIN over his comments.

His final forecast will air on Friday night with Toowoomba’s Kathryn Doyle to become a temporary replacement.


  1. Thanks for picking this one up,Peter is not only the best weatherman in the country but has never been afraid of calling a spade a spade.
    I just hope he has left on his own terms and not as a result of speaking his mind.

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