Young Talent Time live adds extra shows

Never under estimate the power of TV with broad audiences.

Young Talent Time may have struggled to sustain audiences on air but it is selling out Live shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Whenever they have made live appearances, the kids have pulled big crowds.

A 2 week tour starts in Sydney on June 30 and ends in Melbourne on July 15.

On Monday, YTT will announce three more shows, bringing it to 16 shows.

Producer Mark Morissey told the Sydney Morning Herald, “The response out there has been overwhelming for the shows.”

He is  preparing another tour of the show in September and then again in December, although host Rob Mills will be appearing in the Legally Blonde the Musical from October 4th.

TV Tonight understands TEN has not yet made a decision on a second season, and has been looking at ways to address costs.


  1. There will be a season two.Friday Night was the worst time to put it.Most of them have Family Outing Time in the Cities that have late night shopping and then once they hit 15 the kids that is An Evening Job takes over.Maybe try it on a Saturday Night

  2. As weird as this sounds, maybe it will be back for season 2. I mean it could air on a Saturday night. Can’t hurt can it. I mean TEN are struggling to find viewers there anyway.

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