2.47m as Blues and Origin rule Wednesday

State of Origin ruled on Wednesday night.

Strategically divided into three titles for OzTAM, it topped 2.47m viewers with a huge 1.18m in Sydney and 774,000 in Brisbane.

Nine completely dominated the night with a whopping 41.8% share, nearly twice Seven’s 21.2% and thumping TEN’s 19.5%. ABC was crushed on just 12.6% and SBS 4.8%.

Also dominant for Nine were The Block (1.37m), Nine News (1.3m) and ACA (1.17m). Hot Seat was 645,000 and The Footy Show in 3 states was 361,000.

With so much mid-week sport Seven split its programming in various states and does so again tonight. Seven News was 1.28m, Today Tonight was 1.12m, Home and Away was 851,000, Deal or No Deal was 627,000. In various states Australia’s Got Talent was 534,000, The Amazing Race Australia was 376,000, Border Security was 310,000 and The Force was 232,000.

MasterChef drew big crowds in ‘non-NRL states’ staying upright with 1.05m for TEN, Offspring was 865,000, TEN News was 656,000, The Good Wife was 513,000, The Project was 394,000.

Against State of Origin, ABC1 picked a tough night to launch new shows. ABC News was 978,000 then 7:30 (564,000), Myf Warhurst’s  Nice (503,000), Randling (407,000), Life’s Too Short (391,000) and Qi (330,000).

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve was 307,000 for SBS ONE, East to West was 179,000 and Into the Crocodile’s Lair was 173,000.

Neighbours is increasing its audience, last night at 350,000.

Wednesday 13 June 2012.


  1. @Sarah H

    Remember that The Amazing Race figures are just for Vic, SA and WA. NSW and Qld are showing Amazing Race now (good move Channel 7) so I would expect the number to double once you take the NRL states figures in.

  2. Is it possible to see regional ratings for the affiliates in Newcastle and other non-capital cities, for NBN, WIN, Prime7, GWN, SCTV etc?

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I have been watching the two series on SBS….great shows….preceeded by Remarkable Vets on GEM….days if the life of a New Zealand vet practice.

  4. Isn’t Myf Warhurst a breath of fresh air in the land of the Kardashian’s and the Bingle’s. Network executives should take note that Myf’s wonderful presence and her enthusiasm and interviewing skills can soften the hardest soles and even bring a tear to the eye.


  5. steve sydney

    It’s clear ELEVEN is TEN’s only bright spot of late..

    It was the top multi channel of the night and has the most watched show of the digital channels.

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