A no-brainer week as Nine takes 5 nights

With two Voice finales, it was always going to be a no-brainer that the week would fall to Nine, but it managed 5 of 7 nights.

With two Voice finales, it was always going to be a no-brainer that the week would fall to Nine.

Thanks to some clever coding, Nine managed 13 of the week’s top 20 titles.

Nine Network won with 31.2% to Seven 28.3%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 16.2% and SBS 5.3%.

Nine won five nights: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Seven was first on Tuesday and Saturday. ABC defeated TEN on Monday and Saturday.

The Voice: Winner Announced reached 3.23m viewers for Nine (higher than the 3.1m overnight figure). It was the biggest audience of the year -but lower than last year’s Block auction. Other performers included The Block (up to 1.89m), Nine News (Sun 1.53m, weeknights 1.25m), Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year (1.36m), and A Current Affair (1.13m). It’s also worth mentioning that Tricky Business that was 1.33m in overnight figures is adjusted to 759,000 -a mighty difference.

Seven News topped Seven’s week with its Sunday episode (1.47m, weeknights: 1.3m), then Packed to the Rafters (1.37m), Dancing with the Stars (1.24m), Revenge (1.2m) and Today Tonight (1.1m). A peak of 920,000 watched Black Caviar’s run across two channels Seven / 7mate, but the 2.5hr broadcast itself clocks in at 450,000.

Masterchef again led for TEN with its highest episode at 1.13m, then Bikie Wars (1.03m), Offspring (878,000), Being Lara Bingle (782,000) and TEN News (734,000).

ABC News (Saturday: 920,000, weeknights: 907,000) led for ABC1, then Death in Paradise (856,000), Silent Witness (798,000), Australian Story (736,000) and Media Watch (731,000).

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve was 347,000 on SBS ONE then Heston’s Feasts (324,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (300,000) and Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita (237,000).

Nine’s primary channel was 25.4% then Seven 20.8%, TEN 13.3%, ABC1 12.0% and SBS ONE 4.4%.

7TWO was 3.8%, 7mate 3.7%, GO! 3.5%, ELEVEN 3.2%, ABC2 2.6%, ONE  2.5%, Gem 2.4%, SBS TWO 0.9%, ABC3 and ABC News 24 both 0.8%.

Once again Nine romped home in the demos. TEN pipped Seven in 16-39.

Nine was victorious in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but can’t shake Seven’s grip on Adelaide and Perth.

Without The Voice attention now swings back the competition, and Nine’s Block finale airs next Sunday too.

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  1. @Cookie – quote from Nine’s press release back in March:
    “On competition days, Nine will deliver 14.5 hours of continuous live coverage from 6.30pm until 9.00am the following morning on London Live. Then from 9.00am to 11.00am each morning, you can see all the day’s highlights in London Gold, which will be replayed from 4.00pm-6.00pm every afternoon.”

  2. Ten could have a good next few months if they get it right.They have about 9 new eps of ncis left so tuesdays should be okay but they still need to bring ncis l.a to 9.30 tuesdays! The all new simpsons should return on Ten and just have repeats on 11. Sons of anarchy should be tested on 10, Merlin new eps need to return to primetime.
    Breakfast needs to grab viewers by doing live shows in each city across the main states! I know i would watch if they were in Perth somewhere, Touch needs to go to 9.30 scrap sport and have it on one hd only, Bigger and better promotion of the living room. Plus lots more. And please get a new look for news cause its dam boring!

  3. Does anyone know how many weeks so far this year went to Seven and how many to Nine? Also, are the two weeks during the Olympic Games considered in the official ratings race, because if I remember correctly 4 years ago the figures weren’t included in the overall annual ratings result.

  4. Well it’s victory but considering the 1..2.. punch of both The Block and The Voice, having only 3% lead for the week isn’t that impressive

    Judging by the ratings.. Nine has really dropped the ball on Saturdays.

  5. Why does it say there are no comments when there are three of them (when I typed this ) ?

    @ Maev

    I totally agree with you about the wonderful Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve series.

  6. Again, I have to say…Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve is an amazing series…..
    Loved it last week when he was walking around Somaliland…(a break away of Somalia…I did not even know about)….with a wheel barrow containing wads of paper money in it….and no fear of being robbed….and that is just one of many little gems in this series.

  7. I find the new start time to Tricky Business a bit odd, its now 8pm. Taking from the book of Channel 10 I see, and we all saw that their 8pm 1hr block shows eventually fell back to 8.30.

    And for anyone who watches Hot in Cleveland, and hasn’t seen it by other means, well GEM appears to be showing it at 7pm Weeknights from tomorrow starting with S02E01 ‘Free Elka’. But due to Rugby live on GEM in Adelaide, there is no episode that night, but there is in the east coast. Can’t tell yet if Adelaide will be skip episodes or be behind an ep. Considering Friday is a 2-part episode to continue the following week, it would make sense to be one behind.

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